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May 31 2012

No, DJ Grothe should not resign from JREF

I think Greg Laden has gone a little far with that one. But… He didn’t say the right thing. Okay, so…latest drama in the Sex Wars. DJ Grothe, the current president of JREF, and the man responsible for running The Amaz!ing Meeting every summer in Vegas (which I’ve now attended three times and Matt and …

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May 29 2012

It happens every time like clockwork

Oh, FFS. ***Another*** member of Skepchick was inappropriately propositioned for sex after appearing as a speaker at a conference. In this case, a couple of relative strangers flipped her a card with their number and a picture of their naked bodies. But that’s not the worst part, from my point of view.

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May 27 2012

Boy and girls and dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!

I really, really didn’t want to throw down on the latest eruption going on around some FTB blogs regarding the matter of sex, harassment, and how not to be a creeper at conferences, but I really have to pronounce myself agog at how quickly a self-styled group of rationalists can allow a topic that any …

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May 24 2012

The Potawatomi creation story

I’m just writing a brief post to back up something I said on The Atheist Experience this weekend, because it’s something I’ve found funny for years, but I had a hard time finding afterwards. While talking about creation myths with a caller, I mentioned that there was a Native American tribe whose myth involved creating …

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May 22 2012

Open thread on AETV #762

Oh yeah, here’s that thread about that show. ¬†Looks like the blip video’s not up yet, but you can go to the Ustream channel¬†for now.

May 15 2012

“Closed-minded”: the phrase that loses every argument

Exhibit A: Smug Douchehat. Hat optional.

Today I’ve had another 9/11 Truther email me wanting a “debate,” and you know, I’m all out of love. As a skeptic and freethinker, I cherish good argument. I think we all do. But the question always arises regarding when argument is pointless. While I categorically reject the defeatist attitude some people give us, that …

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May 15 2012

We get email: emo poetry edition

Screen Shot 2012-05-15 at 10.58.19 AM

May 14 2012

An absurd aside in the marriage debate

In the recent public hysteria about marriage equality following Obama’s off-the-cuff endorsement, we’ve heard repeated complaints from the religious side of the fence that marriage is an institution ordained by their God, to be run a certain way (i.e. 1 man + 1 woman), and that the evil permissive secularists are ruining it by trying …

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May 13 2012

And yet, AA’s ugliest billboard belongs in the Louvre compared to this eyesore

I can’t imagine anyone of any taste or refinement choosing Branson, Missouri as their vacation hotspot. But it’s about to get even more tasteful, with the planned construction of a 20-story cross on a mountain nearby. Obviously, it would have been a complete waste of effort to put the millions it will cost to build …

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May 12 2012

Protip for AA: Here’s how to do a billboard


I met the fine crew from Mid-Ohio Atheists at Reason Rally, where they proudly informed me of their upcoming billboard campaign. And it turns out they have reason to be proud. This is how it’s done. Clean design. A simple, easily processed message. No clutter. Just the facts, ma’am. [...]

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