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Mar 17 2012

We get email: Weekend edition

This may be a Poe, but this morning someone called Alan Webster wrote us with the subject line “Seeking an interview.” Hi, I have been challenged by some of your co-hort’s to contact you and challenge you belief’s. are you willing? DEMONSTOPPER. So I write back… What would you like to ask us? And he’s …

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Mar 12 2012

On Christianity and the slavery billboard…

I loved the slavery billboard and thought the message was clear and good – but Sikivu Hutchinson argues that even when the message is understood, the imagery is unwelcome and that we have badly misunderstood the audience. On the subject of the billboard and whether or not it is racist, I’ll concede that there’s apparently …

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Mar 12 2012

Open thread on AE TV #752 / GB 2.5 / NPR 10.2

AETV: Russell and Jen get two back to back “first cause” arguments, one Muslim and one Kalam.  What more could a host ask for? Also, great new episodes from Godless Bitches and The Non-Prophets!

Mar 09 2012

The “Nation Under God” debate video is here

  I’ve avoided doing much commenting on this and I’ll continue to, so that I don’t poison the responses I get back. That said, I generally enjoyed it and hope others will, as well. There’s always room for improvement…

Mar 08 2012

RIP Leslie Cochran

Moment of silence, please.  Leslie Cochran died today at the age of 60.  Austin is, sadly, less weird without him. (Note: The original images from this post have been removed due to copyright concerns from the Austin American Statesman.  Please visit their excellent photo gallery at http://galleries.statesman.com/gallery/leslie-cochran/.  The new image is from Creative Commons.)

Mar 05 2012

Reason Rally: sounding folks out early

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ll be attending the Reason Rally in about 3 weeks, and an Atheist Experience meetup is tentatively planned. For those of you planning to attend, I think it’s a good idea to work out a few details in advance, such as whether Friday evening (before the rally) or Saturday evening (post-rally …

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Mar 04 2012

Open Thread: TAE #751 (Matt and Jen)

While I’m thinking about it, here’s the thread.  At the moment I’m sitting in the studio, with my laptop, about five minutes left to go, and this guy is still on the line presenting his proof that God exists, or at least trying to make the case that he really does care about what’s true.

Mar 02 2012

Help Natalie fight the good fight

Hey gang, Natalie Reed — a recent guest on Godless Bitches — is a member of two distinct minority communities.  She is both atheist and transgendered.  Those communities apparently, at best, share an uneasy alliance.  Much like I’ve learned to expect that any remotely pro-feminism post here will receive vocal disapproval from many atheists, Natalie’s …

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