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Jan 31 2012

Science interview with Dr. Alan Glasser on Transmit-Receive

Casey Doran has done an outstanding interview with Dr. Alan Glasser, one of the most brilliant minds working in the field of computational nuclear physics today. …The fact that Dr. Glasser happens to be my father does not in any way prejudice me in making that claim.  :)  Go here to listen to the episode! …

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Jan 30 2012

Open thread on AE #746 / GB 2.3

This week in ACA media: Matt and Russell talk about truth, postmodernism, and journalism, and also get to explain evolution to a creationist. Beth, Jen, Lynnea, and Tracie talk about Cosmo, porn, and purity bears.  They also have their lives threatened by a fire that misses Dillahunty studios, because God has lousy aim.

Jan 29 2012

History Channel Show about Newton and Bible Prophecy

So, we have a guy posting to the list who really, really, REALLY wants to talk to someone about a show on History Channel that he says involves Isaac Newton and Bible Prophecy. Martin wrote back noting this is the same channel that airs Ancient Aliens, but the correspondent continues to write asking if someone …

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Jan 26 2012

In which Michael Egnor steals the “shrill harpy” title

Over the years I’ve seen PZ Myers excoriate the odious Michael Egnor many times, and enjoyed it greatly.  Figured it’s time for me to get in on the act. Here’s what happened: JT Eberhard decries the despicable bullying that Jessica Ahlquist has received for her role in getting the prayer mural taken down at her …

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Jan 23 2012

Open thread on AE #745 / NPR 11.2 / GB 2.2

Would you believe… two weeks in a row with all new episodes of every show?? THIS WEEK!  On ACA media! Matt and Tracie get to take a lot of theist callers for a change.  Lucky! Matt and Shilling talk to Jacob Kramer about the National Atheist Party! Beth, Jen, Lynnea, and Tracie talk about rape-justifying language, abuse …

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Jan 18 2012

Atheism 2.0 is buggy…

Several people sent me this link, via Twitter, Facebook and E-mail. Feel free to take 20 minutes and watch this TED talk. (Irrespective of your views on this video, I highly recommend digging through other TED talks – there’s some amazing content there.) Alain de Botton – Atheism 2.0 TED talk I’ve watched the video …

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Jan 16 2012

Open thread on AE #744 / NPR 11.1 / GB 2.1

This week in ACA media: Russell and Don reveal the failure of prayer Matt, Shilling, Denis and Russell discuss the Republican primaries, and other highly controversial stuff Beth, Lynnea, and Tracie talk up the Jessica Ahlquist lawsuit, girl scouts membership policies, and much more

Jan 16 2012

The “I Can’t Believe It’s Not God” Hypothesis

Just as intro to the explosion of text I’m about to post, I want to say that I viewed it as more fallacies that you can shake a stick at, infused with a good smattering of pseudo-science; however, I’m pretty sure the writer thinks it’s brilliant. And, well, perhaps it really is the case that …

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Jan 12 2012

I can’t imagine why they say print media is dying

The New York Times public editor asks something which is, IMHO, a fairly startling question: Should The Times Be a Truth Vigilante? And by “vigilante,” apparently, they mean: Should the NYT bother to note whether the things people say are true or not?

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Jan 11 2012

We get… uh, text messages?

Yesterday we received a string of messages which I assume originated from a cell phone.  They had no subject, and the return address was [a ten digit number]@vzwpix.com. Texter: Need this question answer while that all the laws was pass down by ((God)) are 100% proven true if he don’t exit. Me: Can you ask …

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