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Nov 30 2011

The one (of many) where I’m threatened with Hell…

“Matt I heard you talk about your wedding night and how beautiful it was around 11/6 show.  How the stars were beautiful and a pretty clear evening.   And how the prayers of others to stop the hurricane did not prevail.  I have only watched about 30 mins of your show but I’m sure you spend a …

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Nov 28 2011

Why I am an atheist

Russell here.  I’ve been feeling left out of PZ Myers’ series on how people became atheists, but I thought it would be greedy of me to try to guest post on his blog when we’ve got our own.  So instead, I’m posting my own story here. My parents are both of Jewish cultural/ethnic backgrounds, with …

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Nov 27 2011

Open Thread for Episode #737: The Failure to Protect Children

In the next Atheist Experience episode, we’ll explore yet another failure of Christianity: the Catholic Church pedophilia scandal.  Consider this post an open thread for comments.

Nov 20 2011

Open Thread for Nov. 20, 2011, Show #736

Russell and Tracie today. Tracie will briefly discuss a Ouija Board experiment design by a young skeptic viewer, sent to us in viewer mail, before taking calls.

Nov 18 2011

Back to the Future: the wedding

Lynnea as Clara Clayton, Russell as Doc Brown

Hope you’ll forgive posting this personal stuff here — Matt already did.  I promised I’d supply media from the event, and here it is!  I’m posting here instead of my main blog because half the guests were ACA friends, thanks for coming. We knew early on that we wanted to have a not-so-serious wedding, and …

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Nov 14 2011

Atheists of [your area here], unite!

Lynnea and I had a wonderful time in Orlando, doing all the stupid tourist things we could pack into five days.  If you want to see what we were up to, add me on Facebook for the photo albums, but first a word to the wise: Message me when you do it.  Just say something …

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Nov 14 2011

Details for Matt’s Debate in Georgia!

From the event host: Wednesday, November 16th, 7PM – Meet and greet: 1381 Longview Drive, Gainesville, GA 30501 (this is debate host’s home-some food and drink will be provided but feel free to bring more to share-ALL are invited) Thursday Nov 17 7PM EST - Debate: FREE and Open to the public! Donations requested to support …

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Nov 07 2011

What does it mean to “legislate morality”?

Viewer Mail Question: What does it mean to “legislate morality”? Isn’t any and all legislation a form of legislating morality? It seems to me that if we did not legislate morality, there would be no laws. We’ve determined that undermining ones welfare and liberty are wrong, and have outlined certain laws to strengthen individual liberty …

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Nov 04 2011


save the date

Great Scott!  There will be no Non-Prophets again tomorrow, as Lynnea and I have a little appointment to prove that a wedding can be cuter, badder, sillier, and above all, SO MUCH GEEKIER than that little affair last weekend.  We’ve got no live stream planned or anything, but hopefully we can scrape together pictures and …

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Nov 04 2011

Recovering from Religion has a new Executive Director!

I’ve fallen behind on e-mail, (I was busy getting married) and so I’m late to the party on this. I’ll post the press release below the jump, but let me just take a moment to talk about how important this group is. Some of us have had an easy time freeing ourselves from religion and …

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