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Oct 31 2011

Wedding Transcript

The Magic Sandwich Show did their very best to live-stream the show. (Thanks Aron, Judy and DPR Jones!) Unfortunately, there were various audio problems (my fault, not Aron’s) and while there’s video posted and some people were able to watch it live, it’s virtually impossible to make out what was said – so we’re posting …

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Oct 30 2011

Wedding day open thread

No Atheist Experience.  No Non-Prophets.  Congratulations Matt and Beth.  Talk amongst yourselves.

Oct 27 2011

The next response from “AS” – the teen apologist

I’m afraid to hit the “publish” button for fear of breaking the blog. I’m including his full text, which is substantial combined with my general verbosity. Apologies. Starting with him: I’m just flat out tired of the responses from people, as to “why” they clearly don’t or WON’T believe in God. He’s NOT allah, He is …

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Oct 24 2011

Open thread on episode #732

Russell, Jen, and a young earth creationist make for a fun half hour, on the two time award winning Atheist Experience.  Also: deism, and what do you do about religious parents?

Oct 19 2011

Non-Prophets 10.22

Non-Prophets Radio listeners, rejoice!  Reports of “no new episodes until November” have been greatly exaggerated! Actually, Lynnea, Dean and I recorded this “guerrilla” episode well over a week ago, but since everyone has been busy and I had to get a new admin login for the NPR site, it just took a while to post.

Oct 19 2011

Proof of God by arbitrary mathematical pattern?

Recently I’ve been looking into the fibonacci sequence, I’m not a theist and I personally believe that religion is the biggest bain on society however (…Why does there always have to be a “however” here?…) I think it is odd how often this sequence pops up throughout nature etc. I am quite cynical but like …

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Oct 17 2011

“AS” strikes again

The 16-year-old who wrote to us with many proofs of god, featured a few posts below, has replied via e-mail. I wanted to share the reply, and my response, interspersed below: well, to reply to you very first paragraph, lol.. does George washington exist? well, you know he does in fact exist because of documents, …

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Oct 16 2011

Whom does God really endorse, anyway?

Slacktivist pointed out that no less than four Republican candidates have claimed that God called them to run.  Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann, and Herman Cain all state regularly that they are in the race at least partly due to the wishes of the Lord. I know this is never actually going to happen, …

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Oct 14 2011

Note to believers: fanaticism ain’t proof

Got a PM on Facebook today from a fellow heathen who presented me with the following. Hey Martin, I have a dilemma and was hoping for some quick advice on how to handle a situation. I am a part of a theology group here on FB and during one of these exchanges a Christian (fairly …

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Oct 14 2011

What kids learn in Sunday School

This is one of those e-mails where, if I’m going to take the considerable time it will require to answer it, more than one person should benefit. So, rather than reply directly to the correspondent, I think the blog is a better venue for this sort of information. A lot of what “AS” has to …

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