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Aug 31 2011

Pastor Mike Unwittingly Offers Help to the Atheist Community

Hey all! Pastor Mike wants to register atheists like sex offenders. While I’m sure he meant to be offensive when he tried the “chicken” approach — (paraphrased summary): “Oh, you don’t WANT to be registered? Are you ASHAMED of your atheism?” — the fact is, he’s offering to do something that could really benefit the …

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Aug 29 2011

Open thread on Episode #724

Don and Russell talk abortion and sex ed, then Mike in Detroit tries to make the case that following God’s law fixes everything. Fun time had by all. Have at it.

Aug 27 2011

Raising atheists, part 1

A fairly typical question that we get on the show and in email can be boiled to, “How should I raise my kids?” As if we were qualified to answer that. Child bearing seems to be relatively uncommon in the atheist community at large. It probably has something to do with the fact that we’re …

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Aug 24 2011

From the mailbag: Getting away with it

If an individual lives a life of getting away with murder, rape, pillaging, and really anything against a simple human moral code and never gets caught, do you feel that the person just simply got away with it? I’m sure the answer is yes, but I’m curious as to where the barrier of living out …

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Aug 22 2011

Open thread on episode #723: How to convert an atheist

On Sunday’s show, Jeff and Russell dissect a wikihow article on How to Persuade an Atheist to Become Christian. Spoiler: no conversion today.

Aug 19 2011

At last, at last, at last…

Dennis Markuze, the mentally ill Canadian megatroll who has apparently spent the better part of his entire adult life calling himself “David Mabus” and sending death threats and wild online tirades to the inboxes, blogs and Twitter feeds of countless atheists, scientists and anyone else who ends up in his crosshairs of crazy, is in …

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Aug 17 2011

Rabbi really, really wants Intelligent Design to be true, so it must be!

I’ve tried to respond to this post, but they’re rather sluggish about approving comments that might expose their idiocy, so I’m posting my reply here. The Rabbi writes: The obvious and most significant conclusion that can be drawn from all their splendid work in the lab is that the only reasonable explanation for the emergence …

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Aug 17 2011

Mark/Bob/Thomas from London

I’m going to try to explain this very simply, because the amount of mail coming about this is staggering. Basically, the claim is “Mark from Stone Church is also Bob and Thomas from London and I can’t believe you guys can’t figure this out. His accent was even obviously fake!” Yes, the accent was horrible. …

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Aug 16 2011

Smile when you call them bitches!

What do Jen, Tracie, and Beth do when they aren’t kicking buttock on the TV show, here, on Facebook, and in the world at large? Well, as of now they’re concentrating on their new podcast, Godless Bitches, the first episode of which is now submitted for your approval. Think of it as The View, except …

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Aug 15 2011

Why marriage?

A viewer from Thailand writes: My friend is a big fan of your show and would like to know why, given your Atheism, you still believe in marriage. His point of view is that marriage is a religious institution, so why would an atheist have anything to do with it? He asks if it’s for …

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