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Jul 31 2011

A Critical Thinking Course You Just Won’t Believe

I asked and received permission to share the following story. I was told that was fine, so long as I withheld the student’s last name, which I am glad to oblige… Dear fellow atheists, I’ve been having an ongoing issue in my Critical Thinking class that I’m taking this semester at college; it’s a private …

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Jul 23 2011

God-based Abortion Policy: FAIL (Open thread on episode 719)

I’m going to talk about abortion again this week. This time, I’m taking a completely different tactic. I’m going to apply my own personal moral principles to the problem and see how well I do against those of the religious right, supposedly backed by their god. Guess which one will come out objectively better? Hopefully, …

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Jul 18 2011

It’s time for the Blag Hag BLOGATHON for the SSA!

I’m not just on the Secular Student Alliance‘s Speaker’s Bureau, I’m a fan of the work they do and as supportive as I can possibly be. (Which basically means that I talk them up whenever I can and then run around to whatever schools ask me to speak.) Well, Jen McCreight of Blag Hag fame, …

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Jul 18 2011

The goggles! They do nothing! (Open thread on episode #718)

Jul 16 2011

The drag episode…pre-show notes.

Tomorrow (later today, actually) I’ll be heading down to the studio, in drag. I wanted to take a few minutes, before the show, to talk about the process of making this happen and why it’s unlikely to happen again (I think you’ll agree I’ve got good reasons). That said, this is a positive post – …

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Jul 12 2011

A humanist short film

A viewer emailed us asking if we wouldn’t mind alerting our vast armada of fans to his short film project on Kickstarter, Genesis 51:33-51, that “explores the relationship between God and evil.” As a film person who is myself about to explore the hazardous world of getting my own documentary project off the ground, I …

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Jul 11 2011

Social graces, who needs em?

Russell here. I haven’t really thrown myself fully into the Watson / Dawkins dust up, apart from a Facebook thread and a few choice remarks in comments. Rest assured, though, that I and pretty much every Atheist Experience participant I’ve seen in email agrees (as far as I can glean) with the main thrust of …

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Jul 09 2011

One night stand with Jesus (…or, we get mail)

Here’s an e-mail from someone who made a video rebuttal to something Russell and I said, then begged us to comment on it and then didn’t like that I called him out for rationalizing away the horrible doctrines he accepts by implying that we’re all God’s playthings to do with as he pleases. He was …

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Jul 06 2011

Oh hell, is Elevatorgate going to ruin TAM9?

“What do women want?” Sigmund Freud once famously asked. Aretha Franklin answered him just as famously: “R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me!” If you haven’t been keeping up with the current online eruption surrounding Elevatorgate — and I suspect most of you have at least heard about it, as Skepchick and Pharyngula are …

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Jul 05 2011

Don’t Be a Dick redux — now with Real Life Adventure!

Had an absolutely insane personal encounter today that I’m still having difficulty processing, because it was the sort of display of flagrantly irrational, histrionic and emotional behavior that we as atheists and rationalists criticize, but which you in fact rarely get to experience right in your face. It reminded me of a great many basic …

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