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May 28 2011

Jesus F*cking Christ Contest

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a camp group in San Francisco had a contest this last Easter for the best Jesus Fucking Christ. Let you imagination roam a bit. Who would you choose? What image does that phrase bring to mind? The winner and runner up are in the photo. The runner up was the …

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May 25 2011

The Oakland Rapture RAM report – part 3

I’ve already covered the entire event, but I skipped over my favorite part because it deserved a post of its own: the people. From the moment I walked in the door on Saturday, I was met by friendly faces who were happy to be there and happy that I was able to show up. Over …

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May 24 2011

Notes on episode 710

Yes, we know the video link isn’t working. We’re working on it. Specifically, Don says we’re shifting to a new server. So I’ll add an addendum to this post when there’s a workable video to view. A couple of notes on some things that a few viewers have emailed us about, regarding how a couple …

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May 23 2011

The Oakland Rapture RAM report…part the second

The billboard, like the people who paid for it, were still there on Sunday… Continuing on with Saturday’s speakers… Ashley Paramore from the Secular Student Alliance did a great job educating us on how to better connect with campus groups. As it turns out, not only do they enjoy pizza (preferably free) they might also …

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May 23 2011

The Oakland Rapture RAM report…

Let me start by saying that I was thrilled to be a part of this event and that I had a great time and look forward to more events like this one. Unfortunately, my plane left Oakland at around noon on Sunday, so I had to leave early and missed the last few talks on …

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May 23 2011

You can’t reason a person out of a position…

…that they weren’t reasoned into. Bull. I’m so sick of this little nugget of nonsense. (This nugget of nonsense is, by the way, on par with the sort of arrogance and surrender we see from atheists who claim that, while they no longer need religion, the “little people” are simply incapable of behaving without it. …

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May 21 2011

Now is the end, perish the world

To cheer you up for the end of times, have some Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. Ciao! (Thanks, dad, for bringing it to my attention.)

May 18 2011

“They’re the crazy ones, not us!”

Harold Camping’s May-21-Rapture nonsense is so ubiquitous that there’s no point in doing anything other than rolling with it at this stage. American Atheists will be holding Rapture parties in several cities. Matt is attending one in Oakland, in fact. Meanwhile, Tracie and I will be on the show Sunday, holding down the post-apocalyptic fort …

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May 16 2011

Non-Prophets episode 10.11

Two weeks ago there was a great disturbance in the atheist community, like a million voices crying out in unison, then suddenly silenced. They were reacting to the news that it would be an estimated four weeks before the next official Non-Prophets episode would air. Luckily, the guerrilla gorillas have been hard at work to …

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May 11 2011

On public arguments

Today’s email comes from Mark in Colorado. I work in a Defense firm where everybody is either a fundamentalist Christian or Mormon. I got into a discussion with a mormon guy who is always spouting some stupid shit. Anyway, I confronted him about his ideas and after a few minutes of discussion he realized I …

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