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Mar 10 2011

Unequally yoked: Advice for atheists in a relationship with a theist

The following is a guest post by Lynnea, whom you probably know by now from The Non-Prophets. You can read her regular blog at http://everythingelseatheism.blogspot.com/. The Atheist Experience TV show gets a lot of fans asking them for advice about how to deal with a loved one who is still into religion. The circumstances are …

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Mar 07 2011

Vote for us for Best Atheist Podcast

Voting ends March 8th about midnight for the About.com Reader’s Choice Awards. We’re ahead, but not by much… http://atheism.about.com/b/2011/02/11/vote-agnosticism-atheism-2011-readers-choice-award-for-best-podcast-of-2010.htm If you haven’t voted, and you’d like to see us win, do so now.

Mar 06 2011

Open Thread / Show #699: Tracie & Matt

I would like to talk a bit about something I explained in a recent viewer mail to someone who wrote in to ask the following (emphasis mine): In agreement with the Big Bang theory, where the existence of the Universe was once an immeasurable “ball” of infinite density and mass, and wherein a reaction took …

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Mar 02 2011

A couple of videos by young black atheists

It’s a slow day for me, and I thought I’d share some videos I’ve been watching. First, John contacted us directly to share his video. If you’ve watched the show recently, you’ve probably noticed that the question of attracting minorities to become outspoken atheists comes up more and more frequently. Now, this is a tricky …

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Mar 01 2011

“Atheism is a religion too!”

Doubtless you’ve heard this little nugget of inanity from more than one indignant apologist, and it’s usually the sort of thing they resort to when everything else they’ve thrown your way has been flattened. The glib response is usually something along the lines of, “Yeah, like baldness is a hair color!” Then this is followed …

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