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  1. says

    Wow 70! This must make R.D the grandfather of atheism of our time.I don't see a good reason to have Dawkins on the show unless to just say, 'hi' but I sure want to see more theist callers, especially famous ones and ones that think they got a good case for god.

  2. says

    I was checking up on a suspicion and it appears that not only is Dawkins a year older than Daniel Dennett, He's almost exactly a year older since Dennett's birthday is on March 28th. So I extend my well wishes to both gentlemen (Hitch is up in 2 weeks, on April 12th.)

  3. DavidCT says

    A reminder that we need some younger people in the pipeline. A good sign is that the largest growth in non-bullshit eaters is among younger people. The real challenge is to keep them from reverting when it comes time to worry about jobs and families.

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