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  1. JJR says

    I prefer Non-Prophets to AE, but the audio from AE is indeed on iTunes as a downloadable podcast, so it's fair game to be nominated and voted upon.Of the ones in the running, I probably have more fun with Irreligiosophy (if only because it's more like the Non-Prophets…I like my atheist podcasts rude & crude, while AE is primarily cable access and has to be "cleaner" than that)

  2. DavidCT says

    I would prefer to vote for the Non-Prophets but it really had a poor year in 2010. If I do listen to AE it is in the podcast form thus I felt it legal to vote. I'll have to check out the "competition". It is nice to know that there are more out there.

  3. sans_Dieu says

    I voted though I never heard any of the other podcasts. Better be off to confession…

  4. says

    I regularly listen to Irreligiosophy and Reasonable Doubts, both of which I enjoy a lot. But has anyone listened to The Good Atheist? I tried a couple of episodes after seeing it on this voting list, but I just can't figure out what's there to be interested in.

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