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Feb 27 2011

Open Thread on #698

The CNN article I talked about during the show is here: Patricia Sawo Article. To summarize my brief introductory discussion, Ms. Sawo’s religious beliefs taught her that HIV infection was a curse from God, inflicted on those who were disobedient. Those so afflicted could be healed if they prayed and repented. Then one day Ms. …

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Feb 25 2011

It’s not like his head needs to get any bigger, people!

Good grief, first there comes an admiring email from a certain Oxford professor, and now this. Seriously, enough already! Otherwise he’s going to start asking for money.

Feb 23 2011

Why is pseudoscience so appealing?

This weekend I borrowed Beth’s copy of The Demon Haunted World by Carl Sagan. Lynnea and I sometimes read to each on car trips, and neither of us have read it in several years. Since Lynnea has been watching “Cosmos” on Netflix, it seemed like a good book to revisit. Also, one of the most …

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Feb 22 2011

Brief swagination update

And now a word from your sponsor: you guys. Daniel looks cheerful, George looks vaguely threatening, and I just look like a hobbit as usual. As fun as the AXP hoodies were to do (international peeps, yours are in transit), I’ve put off plans for a second run in favor of new T-shirts instead. Same …

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Feb 22 2011

Fan mail…oh the irony…

I wont bother ripping this to shreds, because the author doesn’t care to hear from us (yet we’re the closed-minded ones)…so, enjoy: I am not Theist. I have never seen a bigger bunch of Cop-outs and evangelists such as yourselves. You feed on the blood of the ignorant with your rediculous commentary and outdated science …

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Feb 20 2011

Today: “Family Values”

Today’s show will be about that cherished buzzword of ignorance: “Family Values”. Consider this post to be an open thread on the episode.

Feb 19 2011

Facebook friends…not always friendly.

I’m currently unable to add any new friends and that turned out to be a pretty good thing. Beth and I both received friend requests from a “Michelle Kay”. We noticed that she didn’t have any mutual friends, but Beth went ahead and accepted the friend request after noting that she listed herself as a …

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Feb 19 2011

Anonymous, Westboro and free speech.

UPDATE: Anonymous isn’t going after WBC Or are they? That’s the problem with anonymity and a free-form organization that isn’t an organization…how do we know which announcement represents them or if there’s a ‘them’ to represent? It’s pretty silly, really. Original: Let me be perfectly clear: The activities of the Phelps family and their Westboro …

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Feb 18 2011

God, $20, Skepchick, Dickishness …

This is long, has quite a few links – and I’m going to call some skeptics out for being decidedly unskeptical… The Religious Antagonists, Mike Lee, posted a new video on January 25th and the response has been mixed. The short description is that he offers a homeless couple $20 to remove the word “God” …

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Feb 16 2011

In which Mike demonstrates once and for all the proof that God exists

Having some problems with the blog comments on this post and hoping that starting a new one will fix it. Please direct your attention to the comments section, where MikeAdAstraSmith shall valiantly demonstrate to us poor, benighted sinners that God irrefutably exists. [Edit: Actually we traced our problem to an overzealous spam filter, which probably …

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