Brief swagination update

And now a word from your sponsor: you guys. Daniel looks cheerful, George looks vaguely threatening, and I just look like a hobbit as usual. As fun as the AXP hoodies were to do (international peeps, yours are in transit), I’ve put off plans for a second run in favor of new T-shirts instead. Same logo, any color and sizes up to 6XL, tall sizes too, and only $20 (for most sizes) with fwee shipping in the USA. (America, fuck yeah!) Email me at mw_director[at]yahoo[dot]com for full details. Will be funneling cash from sales to the group and the show, using clandestine mail drops and shell corporations, just because it sounds cool. Current pre-orders at 7 of the desired 150, which I believe can be met, eh?

Now, back to your regularly scheduled blag.


  1. Martin says

    bernlin2000: The hair situation has no direct correlation to the AXP wear. It's merely a typical by-product of an excess of testosterone. Pay it no mind.Honest_guy87110: Dude, even if any of the women who bought one of these sent an action shot (I've asked everyone to), they're hoodies. They're made to keep you warm, not show off your ladybits. Perhaps when the T-shirt shots come in, you'll get your wish.