Russell’s interview on Ask an Atheist

When I went to Seattle and joined the team of Ask an Atheist, I also stuck around for another half hour or so while Casey interviewed me. It was fun for me and we got to touch on topics that I don’t usually get to talk about on The Atheist Experience

As this clip contains some politics talk, I expect that many of our core audience will have some disagreement. Assume the disclaimer applies: My opinions are my own and do not represent those of either TV show.

Mechanisms of Religious Evil (Lecture)

We haven’t had a show since before the holidays, so maybe everyone’s ready for a little dose of video atheism. I gave this lecture Sunday as part of the Atheist Community of Austin Lecture Series.

In the lecture, I explore what religious evil is, where it comes from, and how it can be mitigated. Please feel free to critique the lecture with your comments. I promise to read everything and use it to improve the lecture in future versions.

If lectures are not your cup of tea, The Atheist Experience will be back on the air Sunday, January 9th at the usual time.

Don Baker on “Mechanisms of Religious Evil”

Mp3 audio is available here and the PowerPoint slides are available here.


For those of you who liked the AXP T-shirts (I still have a few of those to ship to overseas buyers mainly, so hang loose, I haven’t forgotten you) featuring the logo in the sidebar, I am now seeking to gauge interest in a (slightly tweaked version of) the same design on a pullover hoodie, the style of which may be seen here. For those of you tempted to ask, “Why not just go through Cafepress?” the simple answers are that I’m not wildly impressed with their quality, and that their prices are stupid crazypants expensive. I can literally charge you guys $10-15 less by going through the same company that did the tees.

I am not taking pre-orders yet, only gauging interest. I’d like to have at least 50 count-on-it buyers lined up. 100 would be awesomer. By pre-ordering you can reserve yourself not only any size up to 3XL, but any color of hoodie you want as well. So use this link and browse the color chart to see what you like. Keep in mind that because of the art, darker colors will be better, and reds are not advisable. If you do not specify a preferred color, then yours will be black.

If interested, email the TV show address with the subject line “FAO: Martin – hoodies” and I’ll get back to you personally and answer any other questions you might have. If you live outside the US let me know, so I can quote you accurate shipping costs. And yes, a portion of the sales will be donated to ACA.

Addendum 1/5/11: I’m now up to commitments on 16 hoodies, which leaves 34 to go before they can go to press. I know there are thousands of you out there, gang, so hopefully we can close this gap superfast, and folks can be spreading the Good News on their bodies sooner rather than later!