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Nov 30 2010

I love love LOVE the WhirledNutDaily!

Apparently, the success of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows “renews concerns that children are being lured to Satan.” After “concerns” they left out “…among dumbshits…”

Nov 29 2010

A reminder note about Blogger’s glitchy comment issues

If you try posting a comment, and a window comes up telling you that what you wrote was “too large,” ignore it. Your comment almost certainly posted anyway. Blogger is just messed up like that sometimes.

Nov 28 2010

Can we please stop having religion, people?

So this idiot punk-ass Somali kid decides he wants to be a big jihad hero and set off a bomb in Portland, and is exactly dumb enough to walk right into a sting. I imagine the FBI was having a hard time not laughing as they handed him the cell phone he thought would trigger …

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Nov 28 2010

Open Thread – AE #685: The Leavers

The information I presented on tonight’s show came, in part, from an article published in Christianity Today. You can find that article at this link. One thing I didn’t mention on the show was Drew Dyck’s comment on the last page of the article that most young adults who leave Christianity do so because of …

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Nov 26 2010

More Secular Morality videos: the follow-up panel

At last, we now have the videos (thanks to Catherine Blackwell and the Secular Student Alliance) of the follow-up panel on secular morality that followed Matt’s debate with Hans Jacobse. Abridged from the SSA’s write-up, the panelists include: Gregory S. Paul: Labeled religion’s “public enemy #1″ by MSNBC, Greg Paul is a freelance author and …

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Nov 23 2010

Media fawning over Papal claptrap

Is is just me, or does pretty much every news story about the Pope’s latest emanations annoy you, too? No matter what he has to say, the media is there like hungry puppies eager to lap it up and puke it out in your local newspaper or TV news program. There’s usually a whole series …

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Nov 21 2010

Open thread on episode #684

Well, well. Fireworks on the show today, with Lee and his outlandish misrepresentations and conflations. I enjoyed it myself, though we still have serious sound issues to deal with. Have at it, gang.

Nov 17 2010

The Source of Human Morality debate videos

Here are the first three (of nine) video installments of the debate between Matt and Fr. Hans Jacobse at The University of Maryland, Baltimore County, yesterday. According to the writeup, Fr. Jacobse “views the current world as a battle between competing moral visions of the secular and the sacred, and hopes that Christianity can restore …

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Nov 16 2010

You knew this was coming, didn’t you?

So the Rethuglican Taliban are on the warpath, and once again they’re all about using the government to shove Jebus down all our throats (all the while pontificating that they got back into power because they’re all about “less government,” of course). So far, we have one gasbag here in Texas wasting no time in …

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Nov 13 2010

Because intelligence is HOT!

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