Alternate universe TV crossover episode!

Hey folks, quick heads up. I will be in Seattle this weekend visiting my dad, and I’ve arranged to show up as a third wheel cohost on “Ask an Atheist” on Sunday.

What? You haven’t heard of Ask an Atheist? Why, it’s a nonprofit call-in cable access show promoting (something similar to) positive atheism and the separation of church and state. You should go check it out!

Also, if you live in Seattle and watch The Atheist Experience, feel free to swing by and say hi. I’m pretty sure there’s some sort of social post-show activity that dad and I will attend, but you’ll have to look it up yourself.

– Russell


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    So now we'll all know the answer to the eternal question, "Who would win in a fight between Russell and Libby?"

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    Wish there was an Atheist Experience or Ask an Atheist in Cleveland. Don't even think there is a cable access thingie-majig here.

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    pz myers does not exist…, we’re gonna cut off your heads…THE HIGH PRICE OF

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    I wish I'd seen this sooner or I would have come by. Plus, isn't your dad a physicist, Russel? I've got a strange physics story to tell, of how I found some unexpected overlooked things about the semiclassical atom. I think it may be a classical explanation for quantum behavior. I even got something accepted for publication in American Journal of Physics this year (not yet appeared though), which is probably rare for an amateur with no physics Phd. (I'm a professional EE with a MSE though.) There is a Princeton physics professor who put one of my papers on his site for his students to use as a resource I assume. There are reviews of another physics paper I wrote, just rejected due to one out of three bad reviews, on my blog. The other two reviews are very favorable.But mainly I would like to try to convince you that the Caesar's Messiah thesis is worth examining for yourself. If you've never heard of it but are interested, I have a thread currently at the top of the Iron Chariots forum general discussion. There are collected reviews and links and my attempts at defense of the thesis there, including my response to the negative review by Robert Price. One time I sent about three copies of the book, before it went out of print, to the ACSA. But now you cab read it or download it for free from esnips. Pretty much all of my technical friends who have read it agree with me that it is clearly the correct explanation for the originn of Christianity. It's amazing that it can be established with certainty, but I believe it does. It's a very powerful truth that the gnu atheists should not overlook, in my view.-Dave L

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    Russel, How did you fare? I usually wait for the Youtube channel updates to watch it. they have a channel and post the whole show in 4 clips after a few days. Just search "ask an atheist" and it will pop up.