Yeah, I know, it’s been dead around here lately. I’ve been busy, I guess Russell and Tracie and the rest of the gang have too. Not much to talk about at the moment…except go vote! As Patton Oswalt asked so eloquently, who will win today: the spineless pussies or the psychotic loons? What lovely choices we have each election cycle.

We’ll try to kick it back into gear soon, gang. Anyway, how are you?


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    Yeah over a week… Let me put as nicely as I can when I say I wish the blog was updated a little more regularly. We need our godless fix! I know people get busy with other things but there are 6 contributors.

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    Well, at least despite the dearth of good opponents in this election (at least in my area), Jon Stewart's rally for reason had a great turnout, even if PZ complained. :-)

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    I'm curious what sort of exchanges you've had with conspiracy folk after that episode intro on conspiracies.I'd also love to hear an episode or some blogs in the future centered around how members of the ACA developed their sophistication in terms of how they expressed their understanding of their atheism and atheism in general, and how the ACA and it's member helped them better understand their lack of belief.Since I have had the feeling, I like to assume a lot of your viewers feel like they were only directly confronted with the lack of anything but elaborate waffle supporting belief systems after seeing your program or things like Thunderf00t's Why People Laugh At Creationists series, and would be interested in how people like yourselves with a good grasp of the concepts and experience discussing it came to evolve your understanding.

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    I'm just glad it's almost over. I voted but my heart wasn't in it. I've been massively let down and there is nothing that this election will do to help. All we can do is save up our money and help Canada will let us in come 2012 when the Bimbo Palin takes over.

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    "who will win today: the spineless pussies or the psychotic loons? What lovely choices we have each election cycle."It has come to that hasn't it? I'm ashamed to admit, but at 42, I just voted for the first time. The psychotic loons forced my hand. I couldn't stand idly by and watch this mess. I am happy to claim my Texas school "bored" district is NOT one of the problem areas, so hopefully it will stay sane.

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