We’d like to thank the academy…

Hey, gang, remember that one time when we asked you to go vote for us as best access TV show in the Austin Chronicle? Well, thanks very much for your votes… WE WON!

Got a nice blurb, too:

This international public access show includes debates about religious philosophy while promoting a positive education on atheism. Some of our town’s most delightful free thinkers, including Hepcats author Martin Wagner, computer scientist Don Baker, and aerospace engineer Jen Peeples, host this tasteful approach to lively, interactive conversations with viewers of various beliefs.

Oh my gosh, so many people to thank, if we can just stop crying long enough to put on our tiara.

Congratulations also to our good friends at the Texas Freedom Network, who walked away with “Best Activist Organization.”


  1. Martin says

    Heh. After all these years and I'm still identified by my college cartooning days. Hey, I can't complain. Just shows there's all kinds of artistic diversity in our ranks. Go us!

  2. says

    Whelp, it's Russel's fault everyone, but I expect to see both the host and co-host in little plastic costume tiaras this Sunday.Don't disappoint.

  3. says

    Wait!They called you guys "tasteful."I thought these people were supposed to be journalists?A well-deserved win, in any case. And good publicity.:)

  4. says

    I'm going to go against the grain and assert that "Tasteful" is an insult.You usually don't use that adjective unless the activity is one that you consider "bad" or "inappropriate" in the first place, and it shouldn't be "inappropriate" to be open atheists.How's that for cynicism?

  5. says

    Jt i dont see it that way, it says "tasteful approach to lively, interactive conversations". A show like AETV could be done in poor taste, but thats not saying atheism is in poor taste.Well done guys/gals!

  6. says

    Congrats guys, seriously you should be really pround of yourselfs for creating this atheist community, you have helped me and many others discover who they really are and what is true. Keep it up guys!

  7. says

    @BronoI guess it comes down to your understanding of the usage of the word. I never see "tasteful" used unless it's in conjunction with something that would otherwise be considered inappropriate.It's sort of like saying, "Oh, but he's a good atheist."I'm sorry, but apparently I'm a sensitive paranoidatron.

  8. says

    You had to win. It's because of the declining morals of the world and god's just anger to destroy everything. Because he's love of course.To be serious, congratulations to the crew and – well, to every atheist community that does at least tenth of what you guys do. Keep on rocking 😀 If I ever get to visit Texas, the ACA will not escape from me 😉