Austin Chronicle wants your input!

Who’s got the best Public Access TV show in Austin? The Austin Chronicle would like you to tell them. I certainly wouldn’t want to influence your vote, but I can think of one or two shows that might be worth voting for.

Now, bear in mind that the page leads off with a very stern warning about ballot stuffing, although they don’t specify how they interpret that. However, they are asking for all your contact information before submitting the ballot, so it might be for the best if only locals (or at least Texans) vote. I know there’s a lot of you here, so let’s get to votin’.


  1. JJR says

    Voted; for you guys and also hat tip to the Rooster Teeth crew as well.(producers of Red vs. Blue)

  2. Martin says

    For those of you wondering what else to plug, you could, only as a suggestion mind you, list my friends Jen White under "Emergent Local Filmmaker" and Stina Leicht under "Local Author/Poet". And Dog & Duck under "Beer Selection," though I'm not certain it really is. And you know what else? Since he was so nice to interview me, how about Chris Coffey for "TV Reporter". There.

  3. Martin says

    Russell, my guess would be that if someone got 3000 votes in a category, and the next runner up in the same category only got 15 votes, they might suspect some ballot stuffing was going on.

  4. says

    I recently stumbled across some clips of your show on YouTube and was pleased to see there are some rational people in Texas, after following the news with the Texas SBOE from up here in Canada I was doubtful. I think all of the people involved with The Atheist Experience are doing excellent, and necessary, work. Well done.

  5. Strangelove says

    Best Public Access TV show in Austin? Well, that's easy, "Cookin' Good" of course. Oh, those scantily clad minxes with their angelic voices.

  6. says

    Voted for the TV show, and also for ACA under the 501(c) category, and your blog under local blog. Good luck guys! Keep up the good work! (and the accepted my vote from California!) :)