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And verily the Lord of the internet did say, “Wherever two or more are gathered around a web-capable computer, and spend ninety minutes bullshitting about news of interest to atheists in the name of the ACA, yea, even there shall be an episode of The Non-Prophets.”

And Russell and Lynnea, having nothing better to do one weekday evening, did do such a thing. And the readers of, who did hunger for more NPR episodes, went forth and listened to it. And they declared that it was good, or at least we hope they will.


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    And many did turn their faces from this Mana, for doth the four corners of the Earth not still exist? And lo, does the sky not remain unsundered in the absence of NPR?… yet these people still begrudgingly downloaded, and raptyl did they listen.

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    Great job, Russell and Lynnea!There's some good chemistry between you two… it's almost like you have a good off-show relationship… hmm…The audio actually wasn't as bad as you expected, either. Glasser International Studios is obviously a force to be reckoned with.

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    Currently listening to it. Russell's sound is fine, Linnea's (sp?) sounded muffled.You mentioned you didn't know why only the steel frame on the statue remained after the fire. I think the reason why there was nothing left of that statue was that the resin binding the glass fibres also ignited as well as the plastic foam.

  4. Strangelove says

    Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in the tubes: for so loquacious they the non-prophets which were before you.

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    Cenk Uger of the Young Turks debated the SE Cupp chick. She's essentially a mindless hack. Cenk asked her to support some of her claims by naming the names of the liberals in the media attacking Christianity. Her response, she hung up.

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    I've heard some crazy names across the pond but Essie was a new one on me until I realised it was SE. Reminds me of a friend who through Aycie Grayling was a strange name for a philosopher.

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    I would like to congratulate Russel on his entry to a small but entertaining subgenre of podcasting. That of the stoner podcast.Nice work guys :-)Call me prejudiced but Russels stock just went up. Thats right its the pointless things that impress me.

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    My friend alerted me to SC Cupp. I guessed she was a believer going in godless face. It's the fake pundit shit like that and "oh look these blacks/gays/atheists we proped up agree with us" bullshit amoungst other dishonest stuff that just turns me off of the GOP and the conservative idea. Until they get the integrity of the movement in order I'm in shun mode.Same goes for say Moore though…

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    The episode was quite good, Russell and Lynnea. I hope you can make a few more. I have one complaint, though: when doing your intentional controversy bit, you forgot to ridicule Libertarians. Hopefully you can rectify that next time.Also, SE Cupp is a pretty clever porn name. I wonder if she has a sister named Didi.

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    Maybe I missed something obvious, but why has NPR been on hiatus lately? I don't recall anyone actually giving a reason why. If I missed it in some blatantly obvious place, forgive my ineptitude.

  11. Martin says

    Mainly because Matt's work schedule has been ruthless, plus he's moving, plus his girlfriend is moving to town, etc, etc. Just life intruding the way life does.

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    Just when I lost the hunger, the appetizer comes, with no promise of longterm satisfaction soon. Damn, I'm feeling the hunger again.Also, with NPR being the ultimate soundtrack to cleaning, can I blame ACA for the current state of my apartment?On a more serious note, I missed two things in this show, intro and disagreement.