We’ve got competition

And I couldn’t be happier about it, as it looks like the show is off to a pretty good start. “Ask an Atheist” is a live public access call-in show based in Seattle, Washingon.

Of course it’s easy for me to enjoy since they are so obviously heavily influenced by The Atheist Experience. :) Already from what I’ve heard they’ve covered fictional atheists (one of my favorite topics), drawn from TV tropes, referenced Ken Follett, and constantly joked about technical problems. Nobody does that last one but us, right?…


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    We need more shows like yours. We definitely need a show like this here in the UK, and I would love to see a French speaking equivalent in my native Québec.

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    Oh, and about fictional atheists: of course the French existentialists made a bunch of their heroes existentialists (Meursault, Roquentin, etc.), even their theist heroes were anti-theists (Oreste in Sartre's Les Mouches for instance), but in a more mainstream form, the Tv series Babylon 5 had many atheist characters, whose atheism was depicted in a positive light. Here in the UK we had back in the nineties the crime drama Cracker, with Robbie Coltrane as the atheist lead.

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    Watch the credits all the way to the end…I'm glad to see other shows popping up (and I'm glad to see we're not the only ones with audio problems). :)Nice job. Maybe we can pool our resources and buy TBN…

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    great to see more shows like this! I like them, they are new and so are not as good as the great experience you have of course, but I will be keeping my eye out for that one.

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    I haven't watch it all, but it is quality stuff, although it is obvious they don't have the same experience as you guys.

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    This is my first post here. I've been reading this blog for a while. As a result I feel a lot less lonely in my journey of intellectual exploration, which started after I left a fundamentalist christian religious organization almost seven years ago. The exploration is gaining momentum as a consequence of my graduate studies. Thanks, guys. I really enjoyed this new Ask an Atheist show, particularly the part where the gentleman talks about "full frontal nerdity" . I think that nerds rock. I should also add that I am an avid watcher of the Atheist experience show. Keep up the good work.

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    Glad you guys liked it! We had a great time working on it. With time and more experience, we hope to be as rad as you all.As for the theme of the show, I debated for a long time whether I should mention my favorite fictional atheist, Humbert Humbert. I decided he was maybe not the best guy to represent us, though.(This is the same Libbie, obviously…this is my pen name. Don't be confused.)

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    Much thanks for the props, guys!I can't tell you how much the Atheist Experience has inspired our project. The producers, the crew and the hosts are all big fans of your show and we'e thrilled that you guys have been so incredibly cool about us taking up your baton in the Seattle area. If any of you are ever in the Seattle area, consider it an opn invitation to appear as a guest.

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    One thing I noticed from the 1st show is that you got no calls from rabid theists. It would be interesting to see how you handle calls like the one asking how we can take a shower without being electrocuted.Maybe with more exposure you'll start to get those.

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    I feel we are missing one of the best examples of atheism in fiction: Jean Luc Picard.This is a guy who runs into MULTIPLE beings that claim godhood and treats them as petty annoyances. Then of course is the episode where an alien cargo cult starts up centring around him and he has to break it up. Awesome.Ben sisko MIGHT count seeing as how he not only met the closest thing in the trek universe to God but punched him right in the face.

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    Will have to check these guys out, thanks for posting the clip.BTW, just finished watching ep 660 of AE and was disappointed that your most interesting caller, liberal Christian John from Austin, only got a few minutes…I do hope he calls back earlier next time so you can have a more deeper discussion…Also, nice smackdown of the ID guy, but seemed like you let him talk in circles a few too many times.

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    It's great to see another show like the AE and I enjoyed this very much. Dare I hope that with its smaller degree of popularity right now it will get more religious crackpot callers than the AE does these days?If I may add a little constructive criticism, it felt like both moderators were burning through their material a bit too fast. But I'm sure you will get through the teething problems and I'm excited to see more episodes.

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    holy cow! A show right in my backyard, and I find out about it via an abscure houston public access channel blog post.*sigh*I'm so bad at engaging in the local atheist groups, but to be fair, the only group I know of gets together on thursday nights which is difficult since I already have social gathering on thursday nights that isn't compatible.I was really disappointed with how little activity I was finding locally, considering how irreligious my area is. I guess I just wasn't looking very hard. It appears I wasn't looking hard enough.I want links, damn it! Because I'm lazy!

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    To all at Ask an Atheist; great first show, looking forward to many more.To all at The Atheist Experience: keep up the good work.

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    Wait, y'all are Atheists? Y'all don't believe in nuthin?Sarcasm off. The day will come. Good luck and great show!

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    About atheists in fiction, I think there are a fair number, although they might not be in mainstream American TV series and movies. Literature certainly gave us many of them (I mentioned some before). Anybody saw Clouzot's Le Corbeau? Dr. Germain, the hero, is an atheist, he is not a very cheerful character but has strong moral ethos, while the believers are pictured as fearful hypocrits, sometimes very cynical (one of the characters says that he goes to Mass not because he is faithful but because he is careful, for instance, basically taking Pascal's Wager).

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    "Now we need someone on the East Coast to do it as well!"Yes we do! We have a large group of individuals in the DC area with CFI and Beltway Atheists making up just some of the groups.I would love to assist anyone working on such a project or maybe break out of my shyness and start something.

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    Libbie and Mike, are there any plans on making a podcast of your episodes? That's how I get my Atheist Experience and Non Prophets fix (or at least I did before the hiatus). I looked on iTunes, but didn't see it.Anyways, I live up in Snohomish, so 'hi'. It's great to have a local group doing this.

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    Thanks for the link, Russell. I just finished watching the show and enjoyed it."Watch the credits all the way to the end…"- Matt D.Goat ropers from Austin? I'd be afraid of getting gouged by horns or head-butted.Thanks for the show, Libbie H.. Give my regards to Mike. I hope you master the equipment so that future shows don't have audio feedback issues and that the volume on the callers can be raised.

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    Awesome first show. A few volume issues on the callers, but great all around. It's not like AE is glitch-free after having over 600 episodes anyway… I will be looking forward to more episodes.Hey Mike… are you a troper? Aside from the atheists in fiction examples, I'm pretty sure I caught you casually dropping a few Conversational Tropes… TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Vocabulary, you know. ;p

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    I liked the mentions of The Wire, as I am a big fan of the show (and Omar is such a great character).And I read Earthly Powers a while ago, I have to admit I didn't like it all that much. I didn't remember there was an atheist character in it. Atheism was as far as we know a very rare thing during the Middle Ages, close to inexistent.