Will he do it?

I know I have said many times atheists ought to ignore the farcical spectacle that is Ray Comfort, but this one was too good to pass up. A viewer has emailed us reporting that over at Ray’s blog, a reader calling himself “imadallasguy” has left this comment:


A good way you could honor your Saviour and the sacrifice He made for you would be to call in live tomorrow to the Atheist Experience of Austin show which airs live on Easter Sunday at 4:00PM CST.

He did so much for you. What a sweet and blessed thing it would be for you to honor Him in return by calling in to the show, so that His word could go out to all the unbelieving world.

I’ll be listening for your soothing voice tomorrow.

In reply, Ray loaded up the .50-cal Bullshit SMG and set it on full auto.

imadallasguy…All they have to do is ask. I would be honored to go on their program. I don’t want to invite myself.

Gee, if I had a dollar bill for all the times Matt has told me he’s attempted — right there in the comment sections of Ray’s own blog — to get Ray to agree to some face time, I’d have…well, probably about twelve bucks. Whatever, the point is, he knows full well he’s been “asked”.

So here is the comment I just left, which I reproduce here just in the event it somehow fails to make its way out of Ray’s moderation queue, thus enabling him to keep claiming he’d love to talk to us, we’ve just never asked him. (Perhaps some of you ought to visit that thread and back imadallasguy up on his call-in request, eh? Godless eyes are watching!)

Ray: imadallasguy…All they have to do is ask. I would be honored to go on their program. I don’t want to invite myself.

As one of the rotating cohosts of The Atheist Experience, I say consider yourself asked. You are formally invited to phone in tomorrow, or on any Sunday afternoon it is convenient for you, from 4:30-6:00 PM CST. The number is 512-477-2288, and the earlier in the program you call, our phone screener will make sure you’re pushed to the front of the queue. We look forward to hearing from you.

I am also aware that our host, Matt Dillahunty, has made debate overtures to you several times, often right here in the comments of your blog. So I find it curious you say you’ve never been approached by any of us. Still, I understand you’re a busy man, so perhaps you’ve forgotten.

Who’ll start the betting?

Addendum, one hour later: Ray did post my comment.

Second addendum: Well, fuck. Apparently the show’s not on tomorrow, and Joe didn’t find out until yesterday, and (bit where I jumped Joe’s case for not letting us know before Saturday deleted, because that was done in frustration and thus uncool, sorry). So I’ll have to leave another comment informing Ray of this, and making sure he knows the offer’s open. Not that I expect him to call, still. Sorry, gang.

Proof of Miracles Tonight on 20/20

I just saw a blurb on television that tonight on 20/20 they’re going to demonstrate real miracles. From the look of it, it appears they’re going to use healing as their thrust. One quote from the show they shared was a theist saying you have to differentiate between miracles and magic. Really? And how exactly do we do that–since a miracle would have to be magic rather than the result of natural cause and effect?

And on a side note–thanks to Don for keeping up the April Fool’s Day blog tradition!

God says pedophila ok

Dateline: April 1, 2010 – The Vatican. Pope Benedict XVI issued a decree today saying that pedophilia is not a sin. According to the decree, the Roman Catholic Church no longer bears any responsibility for the ongoing child molestation scandal that has rocked the Church in the United States, Ireland, and several other countries for several decades. The decree was issued Ex Cathedra, which according to Roman Catholic Church dogma, is the result of divine intervention and protected from the possibility of error by God Himself.

Ex Cathedra decrees are rare, but this particular one may have been unique. The Pope himself is alleged to have shared the details of his conversation with God with his most trusted cardinals. A Vatican insider, speaking on the condition of anonymity explained what happened. “The Pope was in his cell praying and begging repentance for his role in the ongoing scandal for the ten thousandth time. Then he came out saying, ‘God doesn’t give a shit’.” The Pope was reportedly shaken but overjoyed by the unusual revelation.

Vatican accountant Father Guido Cartamoneta expressed relief over the momentous pronouncement. “It’s a great day for the Catholic Church. This resolves all of these issues that have been hanging over our head for so long. It’s just in time for the Easter donation season!”

Former Cardinal Bernard Law of the Boston Diocese also expressed his pleasure over the announcement. “I feel vindicated for my role in moving priests between posts. Maybe now life will return to normal and can get back to the business of filling our youth with the Holy Spirt.”

Information from a Viewer

Someone sent us this link today, and I want to alert people to this.


“Lebanese man charged with sorcery and sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia is scheduled to be beheaded on Friday, the man’s lawyer said Wednesday.”

I don’t know if there is anything anyone can do–but I feel helpless and desperate for this person. I can’t imagine being in this situation. And I have no idea what could possibly be done by an anyone to assist. All I can offer is relaying the story for public awareness.