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Mar 04 2010

I suppose this was inevitable

“Reality television.” Where white trash goes to be forgotten.

Mar 03 2010

Atheism in the news? Not really…

Read this post from the blog of the religion reporter at our local newspaper. My comment was long, so I wasn’t sure if it got posted and thought I’d post it here, as well. Three comments, in mixed order: First, the study isn’t worth the attention it’s getting. In addition to all of the other …

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Mar 03 2010


Okay, we had Rethuglican primaries here in Texas yesterday, and there is some good news to report on the SBOE front. What rocks is the upset of Don McLeroy by his opponent, Thomas Ratliff. It was a near thing, only an 800-vote spread, which just goes to show how powerful the extremists among the just-don’t-give-a-shit-what-anyone-thinks …

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