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Jun 17 2009

I ♥ Iron Chariots

Just wanted throw some words of praise at the intrepid editors over at Iron Chariots. I just finished writing a long email response to someone who wanted to know what came before the big bang. When I was finished, I thought to myself, “Self, this would be a great addition to the big bang article …

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Jun 16 2009

Gamers, get ready for Left Behind 2

Alert Non-Prophets listener “Rasputin” sent me this valuable information: Greetings Unprophets, After your recent lengthy hiatus I realized I just can’t get enough and with a lack of other listening material I decided to take a stroll through the archives. …During the March 24, 2007 episode there was a story about the stock price of …

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Jun 16 2009

And now for something completely disturbing

Submitted by Arlo Pignotti. I’m not sure which part of this I find most face-palm worthy, but I suspect it’s a toss-up between: the demented giggling after they talk about shedding blood (1:30) the anthropomorphic glob of dough’s AWFUL line about yeast (2:10) the bit where they do a flailing do-si-do while chanting “Second Corinthians …

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Jun 15 2009


Imagine me in a scene from a bad movie, on my knees, in a rainstorm, reaching up to the skies and screaming the above, and you’ll have an idea of my often melodramatic reaction to some of the totally jacked up, hallucinatory theist email we get. Including this, which came to us in the ever-popular …

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Jun 14 2009

Today’s live show – call with Skype!

Quick note…as the studio is closed for the summer, we’ll be doing the show live, from Dillahunty International Studios. If you’d like to call in, here’s what you need to do: – Download and install Skype (if you haven’t already) – Setup a Skype account (if you haven’t already) – Add ‘atheisttv’ to your contacts …

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Jun 13 2009

Ah, the righteous arrogance of crackpots

It all started when the Everything Else Atheist posted a somewhat scathing exchange between herself and a professor at her college. This professor had been bringing in students to participate in “psychology experiments” which were actually efforts to identify psychic premonitions. EEA wrote to him with some extremely reasonable concerns about whether proper scientific rigor …

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Jun 12 2009

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

I recently had a conversation with a man who had lost his son. He answered the phone and was pleased to hear from me after many years. We had a wonderful conversation and I was glad that I called. He told me what had happened. He talked about how he was doing. And he waxed …

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Jun 11 2009

We get email… strike that, we get cut n’ paste

So I see this in my inbox: Who Created God? A number of skeptics ask this question. But God by definition is the uncreated creator of the universe, so the question Who created God? is illogical, just like To whom is the bachelor married? This was the first paragraph in a very long email, all …

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Jun 10 2009

Sometimes it’s nice to disengage…

Again, the blog has lain fallow for around a week. Sorry about this. I keep forgetting that when I don’t post, no one else does either. But then we all have lives down here, and sometimes that just takes us away from the world of computering and blogging and online ranting. And I must say, …

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Jun 04 2009

George Tiller: Death by Propaganda

In today’s Austin American-Statesman, there was an editorial that included a photo of a church marquis letting us know that George Tiller died the same way he lived. I believe the inferred connection there is intended to be “murder.” The first article I read about this was in the June 1 edition. President Troy Newman …

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