Monthly Archive: March 2009

Mar 31 2009

Well, it’s nice to know she’s not nuts or anything

By now this story, about some pathetic cult member who has pled guilty to the starvation death of her infant son provided the charges are dropped once he comes back to life (a condition I imagine the DA’s office gleefully agreed to), has made the rounds. It would be easily to laugh at this kind …

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Mar 30 2009


We had a caller on the March 22nd show who was hearing impaired and we attempted to interact with him via a TTY service. Unfortunately, we didn’t get very far with the caller as the interaction was so painful, but he did get out a rather strange phrase having to do with abortion. Matt and …

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Mar 27 2009

Recent headline roundup

I’ve been away from the blog several days, but the slack has been more than capably taken up by the rest of the team. Thought I’d pop by with a quick post today with my observations on some recent events in the news and around the globe. A: Nothing fails like prayer. Just in is …

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Mar 27 2009

When Does Ignorance Become an “Answer”?

As you likely know, Texas recently has become the new Kansas as unabashed YEC and school board member Don McElroy pushes for new education standards in Texas science classrooms. The Austin American-Statesman editorial section has become a really interesting read for any interested atheist. An idea was expressed this morning in the letters to the …

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Mar 24 2009

Shameless self-promotion

The exceptionally intelligent and discerning students that comprise the Penn State Non-Theists have, as a demonstration of their great wisdom, arranged to fly me to their fine University to address an audience of however-many-show-up. They’ve setup a Facebook page for the event and I’ve decided that I’d rather not speak to an empty room when …

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Mar 23 2009

Survey research project

Reader Robert Eldredge sent me a request, and I’ve decided to post it here on the blog since I didn’t get around to mentioning it on the Non-Prophets this weekend: I am in a research methods class for my graduate school program. Listening to several years of the atheist experience and non-prophets spawned my interest …

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Mar 18 2009

Don McLeroy’s idea of a real science book

The intrepid crew at the Texas Freedom Network inform us that the reliably moronic Don McLeroy, the creationist dentist who’s devoting his career to painting a bullseye on the educations of millions of Texas students, has found a worthy book on the subject of evolution. What might it be, you ask? The Ancestor’s Tale? Why …

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Mar 17 2009

You can’t legislate reality away

While the creotards continue to try to push one anti-science, anti-evolution bill after another through their respective state legislatures, under the guise of “academic freedom,” the NCSE reports that another one of these has died in committee in Iowa. No one is fooled by their attempts to hide their true agendas — slipping Biblical creationism …

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Mar 16 2009

Oh, we get email

Been too busy to blog this weekend, so I thought, just in the interest of moistening the drought around here a little bit, I’d offer up some amusement from the show’s inbox. yup it’s hard to satisfy people that God really does exist. i just wanna know if you believe in evil spirits??if there are …

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Mar 12 2009

Dress godless for teh comfy!

See? Here they are. Sweet, eh? Thing is, you can’t have one. All the shirts in that box there? They’re all sold. But I am willing to do one more print run. However, I need at least 49 more orders to do so. So flood ‘em in, my heathen fashionistas! If you’ve got one of …

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