May 22 2008

The cost of abandoning reason is measured in lives

From the news today:

A group of up to 300 young men killed 11 people who were accused of being witches and wizards in western Kenya, in some cases slitting their throats or clubbing them to death before burning their bodies, officials said….

“The villagers are complaining that the (suspected) wizards and witches are making the bright children in the community dumb … These (suspected) witches are not doing good things to us,” Makori told The Associated Press.

Deputy police spokesman Charles Owino said that the gang hunted down the eight women and three men in the western Kenya villages of Kekoro and Matembe. Most of the victims were over the age of 70, Owino said.


  1. 1

    Wow, those witches and wizards must have been really powerful if it took 300 people to kill them!

  2. 2

    Proof of God, from “The Office.” From the mouth of Michael Scott: “If there is no God, then what are all these churches for… and who, is Jesus’ dad?” ‘Nuff said.

  3. 3
    The Dread Polack

    And if they were 70+ years old, I bet they were at least 15+ level wizards!

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