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Apr 15 2008

F*ck Expelled. I’m done with it.

Okay, here’s my ‘tude at the moment. I figure I’ve done my bit, said all I had to say, voiced my opinion in several forums: here, in the comments of other blogs, even at the movie’s IMDb page. As far as I can tell there’s nothing more needs be said. Those of us on the …

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Apr 15 2008

Another chance to push back against the New Dark Age in Austin

Remember how the nutbags at the Institute for Creation Research (second cousins to the Institute for Hobgoblinology, one presumes) have been trying to gain legitimacy in Texas by being allowed to offer degrees in science education? Well, the meeting is coming up, and I hope a zillion people from the pro-science side turn up and …

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Apr 15 2008

Have a look at someone who really was “expelled”

Apr 15 2008

NCSE’s “Expelled Exposed” site now live

Up to now, Expelled Exposed has just been a collection of links to some pre-release reviews and blog posts about the upcoming Ben Stein festival of propaganda and lies. Now the work on the full site is done, and it contains a complete fisking of the film, all the way from its outrageous claims of …

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Apr 15 2008

Carnival of the Godless #89 is up

Just a quick note to say that Kelly over at Rational Responders is hosting the most recent Carnival of the Godless. Kazim’s article about the “Star Trek Rule” is included in the lineup this time.

Apr 14 2008

I’m convinced now!

Want to see what kind of person Ben Stein and Mark Mathis are catering to with Expelled? Check this comment. With such powerful arguments to offer, how could we not have seen the light before now?

Apr 11 2008

Word of the Year: “Manufactroversy”

Valerie Tarico modestly admits to not having invented it, but it’s a brilliant neologism that I’m sure will gain new cachet within the reality based community, now that it’s been used to mock the intelligent design crowd in general and the claims of Expelled in particular. Tarico writes the latest derisive smackdown review of Ben …

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Apr 10 2008

Something else opening the 18th

You’re a theater owner. You’re given the choice between exhibiting Expelled, a poorly made faux-documentary for fundamentalist Christians…or this… Which do you choose?

Apr 09 2008

Expelled: agitprop not even Fox News can love

You’d think if Expelled could find a receptive outlet in the mass media to promote its lies, it would be the fine folks at the Bush Administration Ministry of Propaganda. But even Roger Ailes’ network, that brought us Sean Hannity and John Gibson, let alone Bill Orally, isn’t benighted enough to swallow Ben Stein’s anti-science …

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Apr 07 2008

CFI Textbook Accuracy Report

I received a link to this file from CFI (Center For Inquiry). Click…Read…Act. Their assessment of the problems with this particular text book is “spot on” and the errors are, in many ways, the same sort of problems that have continually promoted gross conceptual errors regarding these subjects. I have no idea if the authors …

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