Have a look at someone who really was “expelled”


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    I add my thanks to Ms. Comer for her courage in sticking up for what is right. I read about this story when it occurred; Lizzette Reynolds, the Texas Education Agency advisor who called for Ms. Comer’s termination, is, not surprisingly, a Bush appointee. For her to destroy Ms. Comer’s 27-year career as a science educator is beyond despicable. My heart breaks for Ms. Comer and for the children of Texas, who will pay a high intellectual price for Lizzette Reynolds’ vicious political attack on science.

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    I tried refreshing but I doubt that was the problem. When I pressed “Play” is kept giving me the same error message it gives when a video has been deleted: “We’re sorry but the video you’ve requested is no longer available.”Anyway, it doesn’t matter anymore, it worked now, thanks. :)

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