Typical, typical, typical

The dishonest morons who produced Ben Stein’s comedy masterpiece Expelled posted a ridiculously deluded rant against Darwin Day to their blog, in which they lie so copiously and egregiously about the positions of Darwin and Dawkins that PZ Myers couldn’t resist laying down the pwnage, which he did with his usual masterful command of all those doggone facts IDiots find so inconvenient.

In response, it now appears that anyone clicking over to the Expelled blog from the link provided in PZ’s rebuttal gets a 404 error. The stupid Expelled post is still up, you just can’t get to it from Pharyngula. Presumably the link provided here will be good for a little while, anyway.

So let’s see what we have here. A movie that claims ID has been “expelled” from academia due to some sort of hostility towards free speech and academic freedom on the part of “Big Science”* has expelled criticism by a legitimate scientist who happens to be one of the scientists they got to agree to an interview in their movie through false pretenses. Hmm. Sounds about typical, all right.

Welcome to the world of ID creationism. Where we tell more lies before breakfast than most people do all day year.

* I’m going to take a wild stab in the dark and submit that “Big Religion” is far bigger than “Big Science” ever dreamed of being.


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    I noticed that they did change the “Bill of Rights” part to read “the Declaration of Independence”, although they failed to correct their other mistakes. It was pretty sad to read some of the comments, but then I expect that kind of ignorance from those people.That said, I couldn’t find out who figured that “Galapagos Finch” was Dembski – I saw that on PZs blog in the comments but must have missed how they did it. Other good things – comment 149 (IIRC) on PZ – the “Expelled” movie poster. Simply fantastic.