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Jan 18 2008

Interesting map

This map shows the dominance of various religions in different parts of the country.

Jan 17 2008

Creationism in Texas: “One of the worst situations that I’ve ever seen.”

Last night I attended the meeting sponsored by the tireless folks at CFI-Austin, “Will Texas Support 21st Century Science Education?” I arrived a little early and bumped into Matt Dillahunty. Soon I was glad I hadn’t walked in the door ten minutes later than I actually did. The room filled up quickly, soon swelling to …

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Jan 16 2008

Why hasn’t Uwe Boll thought of this?

Worried that your movie is going to tank in the wake of unavoidable, relentless mockery and abuse? Just pay people to see it anyway! The latest news making the rounds of science blogs is the remarkable revelation that the producers of Expelled, the farcical ID faux-documentary soon to be released and hosted by the foolish …

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Jan 15 2008

Ten (plus) things I’ve done you probably haven’t

Scalzi started this, damn him, so I’m now caught up in the meme. Nothing especially atheisty, but entertaining all the same. What are yours? Attended a Beduin Arab wedding in the middle of the desert in the UAE. Driven round and round Loch Ness with my family looking for the monster, to no avail. (Stupid …

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Jan 11 2008

Next Wednesday in Austin: Chris Comer at Texas Citizens for Science meeting

From the Texas Citizens for Science website: Forthcoming Appearance: 2008 January 16 – “Will Texas Support 21st Century Science Education? A Briefing by Texas Citizens for Science” Time and Location: Wednesday evening, January 16, 7:00 p.m., Mangia Pizza-Mesa location, 8012 Mesa Drive, Austin, Texas. Maps are available here and here. There is no charge, and …

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Jan 11 2008

Oh no, not again

Today in the news: A mother who is suspected of killing her four children, whose decomposing bodies were found in her home, appeared in court Thursday. Banita Jacks, 33…told police that her daughters were possessed by demons and that each died in her sleep during a seven- to 10-day period, court documents said. Aja died …

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Jan 10 2008

If you’re running a con, go for the richest mark you can!

The fad of Kabbalah mysticism, that seems to have conned nearly as many Tinseltown hangers-on as Scientology, has such a transparently silly racket that, because it’s so obviously stupid and fraudulent, it’s no wonder some of the richest and most high-profile celebutards are falling for it. MSNBC reports that Madonna, who popularized warding off evil …

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Jan 10 2008

Pitching in to help P-Momma

I’m a little behind the curve here, but scanning some blogs I haven’t visited in a couple of weeks, I learned that Possummomma, everyone’s favorite atheist in a minivan, has lupus. And it’s really messing with her lately, making her so sensitive to sunlight that even walking around her house gives her a hard time …

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Jan 09 2008

Religion’s latest contribution to mental health

Moron looks at own hand, sees what he thinks is “Mark of the Beast,” freaks, slices off hand with bandsaw. For added dose of crazy, microwaves hand. As Voltaire once said, “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” Even when the victim is yourself.

Jan 08 2008

More faux-intellectualism: the appeal to other ways of knowing

In this comments thread, we’ve been visited once again by Rhology, who says: I don’t agree that God is unprovable or unproven. Not provable by naturalistic means, of course, but there’s no reason to restrict ourselves to solely naturalistic means. What, exactly, are the “non-naturalistic” means that Rho proposes? How do they work? What are …

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