If you’re running a con, go for the richest mark you can!

The fad of Kabbalah mysticism, that seems to have conned nearly as many Tinseltown hangers-on as Scientology, has such a transparently silly racket that, because it’s so obviously stupid and fraudulent, it’s no wonder some of the richest and most high-profile celebutards are falling for it. MSNBC reports that Madonna, who popularized warding off evil spirits with a few inches of red twine around your wrist, is now spending $10,000 a month on “specially blessed” Kabbalah water! Yoiks! I always thought most bottled water was a big scam (a suspicion long-since confirmed), but to spend as much money in a month on the stuff as someone with a serious cocaine habit really makes me cringe at the way fate (or whatever) always seems to dictate that the people with the most money in our world are those with the fewest brains.

Maybe I’m just in the wrong business. Damn these morals of mine! They keep me from slicing into the lucrative religion pie.


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    That kaballah thing really irritates me. I see some TV presenters with red string on their wrist and I feel my head will explode because people will think they are “spiritual” for wearing it. When in fact they are vacuous airheads.

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    I used to buy the gallon jugs of the store brand water but after reading further about bottled water, I started drinking my local tap water about 3 years ago. No complaints.

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    But on that same note, consider yourself fourtunate that you probably won’t end up having half a dozen marriages, crash your car every other weekend in to a papparazzo and get done for cocaine possession.