Nov 29 2007

Teddy-bear teacher gets 15 days, then deportation

Well, at least they’re not going to flog the skin off her back. I guess that’s what passes for “progress” and “human rights” in the Islamic world.


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  1. 1

    That’s good news. She’ll probably be delighted to be deported from hell.I wonder if the widespread outcry of indignation had any impact.

  2. 2

    I think we should do some cafe press Tshirts with a “Mohamed the Teddy Bear” logo and donate the money to a good cause, something to do with freedom from religion.

  3. 3
    Chris the Heretic

    “Well, at least they’re not going to flog the skin off her back.” – I’m not sure about that considering she appealed her case.

  4. 4

    Yeah, but what happened to the teddy bear?Sean, I think we should also mail “Mohammed” teddy bears to our respective Sudanese embassies!

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