About those 9/11 conspiracies

Since it’s been a slow week for this blog, I thought I’d link a post I wrote today about the incredibly annoying “9/11 truth” gang.

These folks have often called the TV show in the past, and they’ve been popping up on YouTube a lot lately. I’ve been meaning to vent about them for quite a while, so now I’ve gotten around to it. Also included in the post are some terse remarks on this two hour “Zeitgeist” movie that’s been making the rounds on the net. Many people have emailed us to ask our if we’ve seen the movie.

Yes. We’ve seen it. (Some more than others. I think Matt watched the whole thing; I couldn’t sit through it.) Mostly, we think it sucked. More on that in the post.


  1. says

    I think Zeitgeist is attracting 9/11 conspiracy theorists to atheism. I mean conspiracy theorists probably had so much fun with the da vinci code that they probably had to believe in Jesus for a while. Like the little sheep that they are, now that zeitgeist is the flavour of the month they will be buzzing around atheism blogs and message boards. Y’AINT FROM AROUND HERE ARE YA BOY?WE’S REAL SKEPTICAL FOLKS ‘ROUND HERE AND WE DON’T TAKE TO KIIINDLY TO YOUR TYPE AROUND HERE!