On the show today: Bias

I’d like to say a few words on the Atheist Experience today on the subject of bias.

I’m for it.

I’m going to be talking a bit about how religious people think that science is biased against them. What I want to talk about first is how science is inherently biased towards empirical evidence, and toward things that are testable and can be shown to be true with a high degree of confidence.That’s not just about the bias of scientists, it’s how we find things out with any kind of accuracy.

Then I will be shifting gears and talking about the media, and how, at their best, they are supposed to have the same biases as science. They are supposed to check and verify claims and report things that are accurate and important to the best of their abilities.

Here are some links that I plan to refer to in the course of the show.

News posts from my blog, which will be mentioned in a discussion of the way the media covers news.

Update: Watch this show now at Google Video