Monthly Archive: September 2007

Sep 22 2007

Yes, I know, it’s been quiet around here lately

It’s not as if there hasn’t been anything going on worth blogging about. (There’s been quite a bit, actually.) But my schedule has just been too work-intensive for me to get into the zone here, as it were. Anyway, I have quite a few blog topics chewing at the inside of my skull trying to …

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Sep 17 2007

Follow-up on game theory topic

If you enjoyed yesterday’s show on game theory and want to know more, I have a few items to recommend. As I mentioned on the show, the movie A Beautiful Mind stars Russell Crowe as John Nash, a mathematician who won the Nobel Prize for his contributions to the field of game theory. The movie …

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Sep 12 2007

Football fan shows rival a little Christian love

If there’s anything I think is nearly as asinine as religion, it’s sports fanaticism. What exactly is interesting about watching a bunch of guys throwing a ball around a field and nearly paralyzing each other for life over it escapes me completely. Still, hey, to each his own. But when one’s devotion to this senseless …

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Sep 07 2007

Hottest. Atheist. Ever.

She won’t answer questions about her sexual preferences, but too-cool-for-the-room actress Jodie Foster doesn’t hesitate a nanosecond to use the A-word in her latest interview. Though she admits she “loves religions and their rituals,” being an atheist is nothing she needs to hide. Part of the fearlessness that’s made her such a great performer, I’d …

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Sep 06 2007

Big ol’ godless rally this weekend in Austin

And it’s typical that I won’t be in town to partake. Ah well. For the rest of you, American Atheists is sponsoring a Church-State Separation Rally to be held on the south steps of the state capitol building in downtown Austin, this Saturday, September 8, from noon till 3. Here’s the salient info from the …

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Sep 05 2007


Show #516 on Sunday, September 2, was a response to two items of viewer mail that the TV list received. Jeremy wrote initially to say he is a “religious atheist,” which he described as adhering to a secularized Taoism (pronounced Daoism). Within one week’s time another piece of mail came through addressing the issue of …

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Sep 05 2007

D. James Kennedy surprised to remain underground

Megachurch pastor and smarmy radio creationist D. James Kennedy died today at the ripe old age of 76. Wait, wasn’t D. James Kennedy in jail? No wait, that was Kent Hovind. Um, so is he the guy with the gay prostitute meth scandal? No, that was that Haggard guy. Let me see, Kennedy, Kennedy. Why …

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