Aug 12 2007

Atheist Experience #500-501 double feature

Okay, we’re still running — cripes — three months behind on posting the TV shows. But so what? They’re always entertaining no matter when you watch ‘em.

I see that audio is still an issue with the fine vintage-’80s technology available at Austin Access. It’s pretty hard to hear anyone in #500. Things are a little better in #501. Sorry. Hopefully the enjoyable content will compensate for technical imperfections.

Episode #500, 5/13/07: Consciousness: The way-cooler-than-you Tracie talks about our current understanding of the consciousness and that our selves are completely in our brain.

Episode #501, 5/20/07: Creationism Evolves: Russell talks about how creationism has evolved into intelligent design.


  1. 1
    Cody Casterline

    Speaking of Atheist Experience, I noticed it wasn’t on the air today, even though it was scheduled on the web site. Any news on that?

  2. 2

    WOW! I nearly thought I was at the wrong site! Big surprise! ;-)

  3. 3

    A link back to the blog post containing links mentioned in episode 501:http://atheistexperience.blogspot.com/2007/05/creationism-evolves-intelligent-design.htmlAlso, to answer the question about the lack of a show yesterday: Due to a variety of complications, including a gas leak in the studio and me forgetting to actually show up on time, we skipped the episode.

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