Aug 08 2007

And I thought I was the world’s most stubborn procrastinator!

Megablogger and science fiction writer John Scalzi demonstrates once again that he will think of anything, and I do mean anything, to avoid having to meet a writing deadline. Here’s an impromptu home movie (in ToyVision!) mocking Ken Ham’s belief, enshrined in his moronic Creation “Museum”, that dinosaurs co-existed with people and that the fearsome T. Rex was actually a placid coconut-eater until that dadburn “fall of man” thing that fucked it all up. The video is silly as hell and a total waste of time. But then, so is the “museum,” so Scalzi’s essentially mocking Ham at Ham’s own level.


  1. 1

    We are talking about the guy who actually taped raw bacon to the side of his cat as a work-avoidance maneuver, after all….

  2. 2

    Yeah, and how many zillions of hits did he get that day? Maybe that’s our problem here. We post too much serious stuff and not enough pointlessly silly crap! ;-)

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