Bush keeps dropping, but what’s the alternative?

Ol’ Shrub’s poll numbers keep plummeting, all the way down to a 26% approval rating in the latest Newsweek survey. Needless to say, three-dollar gas and ongoing headlines like “12 U.S. troops killed in Iraq in 48 hours” can’t be helping him. And his recent decision, once again, to put pandering to his Christian Right base before science and veto the latest stem-cell research bill that an overwhelming majority of Americans support are only knocking him lower.

But things aren’t all rosy for the Democrats either. Congress’s approval rating is only at 25%, with even 60% of Democratic voters disdaining the job they’re doing. And I’m one of them. These folks were voted back in charge of both the House and Senate in 2006 on the expectation that they’d stand up to this cretinous, renegade administration and force some accountability into the picture. Instead, they’re back to their old business of caving in with little fight, sending him a pathetic “compromise” bill on Iraq that doesn’t do anything so irritating as set a time limit for troop withdrawal. The Republicans may be theocratic scum, but fuck — the Dems are just pathetic in the extreme. To paraphrase Scalzi: here’s Bush, the least popular and least competent president in our nation’s entire history, and the Democrats, for nearly eight years, have consistently found themselves politically flummoxed and outmaneuvered by him at every turn.

If only Canada didn’t get so golddarn cold…