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May 09 2007

Hovind in the hole

Word is getting around the blogosphere that creationist Kent Hovind, currently doing time for violating numerous tax laws, has been thrown into solitary confinement, though reasons for this are obscure. One explanation is that Hovind has been trying to run his own prison ministry without approval, though to what degree that is true is up …

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May 06 2007

Maybe not the best sales pitch…?

Uh….What exactly do they do to you at these services!?

May 06 2007

Atheist Experience #495-496 double feature

In the interests of catching up, two more shows for your pleasure. Atheist Experience #495: 4/8/07. Ashley Perrien talks about god & evolution polls and the local $500 non-abortion incentive. Atheist Experience #496: 4/15/07. Deconversion II. Tracie Harris continues to discuss the process through which believers become non-believers.

May 06 2007

Austin’s Joe Zamecki interviewed in Telegraph article

The ACA’s Joe Zamecki is prominently interviewed in this piece in the UK’s Telegraph, which discusses the rise of atheism as a very public and politically active movement in the US, spurred on, of course, by the depradations of the Christian Right and the Bush administration in this decade. Congratulations to Joe, and it’s always …

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May 06 2007

Russell and the Jehovah’s Witnesses

I apologize for the blog pimping, and I try not to do it too often, but… Yesterday I had my first experience with JW’s at my house, and I wrote all about it on my blog.

May 05 2007

National Day of Prayer never had a prayer

Several more prominent blogs have already reported on this, arguably making its coverage here superfluous. But it’s just so hilarious that I couldn’t not remark upon it. In Washington D.C., no one bothered to turn up to the National Day of Prayer event on the Capitol lawn. They set up 600 folding chairs, and a …

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May 04 2007

To Christians, it’s “common sense” to shove religion down our throats

The latest blow against religious freedom and diversity and in favor of theocracy was struck here in Texas, when the House voted by an overwhelming margin (of course — they want to get re-elected, after all) to add “under God” to the Texas pledge. First off, it’s news to me that there was a “Texas …

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May 03 2007

Oh, this ought to be fun!

Ray Comfort, easily the lamest Christian apologist in the business this side of Jack Chick, is moist with excitement over an upcoming debate in which he claims he will prove, without recourse to the Bible, the existence of God. I wonder what it will be this time? A kumquat? From a WorldNutDaily article: “The network …

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May 02 2007

This Saturday, see author Victor Stenger in Austin

Jeez, I’ve been slacking bad on this. Those fine folks at the Center for Inquiry Community of Austin are sponsoring a visit by Victor J. Stenger, author of the new Prometheus title God: The Failed Hypothesis this Saturday morning at 11:30 AM at Book People. So if you’re an Austin atheist, and I hear we …

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May 01 2007

MST3K, please come back!

This is why we need you, Satellite of Love! Don’t let the floodtide of filth get me! glumbert.com – Perversion for Profit: 1965 anti-porn film. Okay, everyone: comments challenge! Let’s see who can come up with the best MST-ed responses to this. Bonus points for actually using Crow and Servo in your riffing. Dug up …

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