May 20 2007

Another fun atheism poll

Do vote, won’t you?

Update — Monday 11:30 AM: After the poll results ended up looking like this…

Christianity Today took the poll down. Guess they’re gonna take their ball an’ go home!


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  1. 1

    Considering the target audience of that web site, it looks to have been either hijacked by atheists, or the christian readers have had a very extreme change of heart.Ockham’s razor says…

  2. 2

    I agree about the data skewing, although, as an atheist, I would quite like to believe them. But other evidence just does not justify this sort of result. Even atheists at their most bombastic wishful-thinking extent do not come up with numbers like these.

  3. 3
    Curt Cameron

    Well of course it’s skewed. My guess is by a script, instead of a coordinated atheist effort.

  4. 4

    Sure, but that’s the kind of prank you can expect when you’re dumb enough to put up a poll saying in effect, “Are these people worse than us or not?” I mean, I’d expect the same thing to happen if some atheist website were dumb enough to put up a poll asking, “Are Christians shitheads or raving geniuses?”Some years back, the American Family Association put up an anti-gay poll that they said they would show to Congress, to prove how anti-gay the “mainstream” American public is, and that there shouldn’t be any gay-friendly legislation. They expected that only their fellow fundies on the AFA’s colossal mailing list would participate, and they’d get near-universal condemnation of gays to validate their hate. Naturally, the online gay community got wind of it and data-skewed it so pro-gay that the AFA took it down and ran off with their tails between their legs, all the while whining about how gays had “done a number” on their poll.The point then, and now, is that polls don’t prove diddly-squat, and when small minded xenophobic ideologues need to resort to them in order to reassert their need to feel superior, they can and should expect to be taken down a peg for their foolishness.

  5. 5

    I have a great poll here http://www.onenewsnow.com/2007/05/poll_did_cameron_and_comfort_p.php It asked if Ray Comfort proved the existence of God and most said yes but the number I found interesting is the last one “It doesn’t matter as long as the gospel was preached”.

  6. 6
    tracie harris

    I just find it funny/scary that there are people in this nation who think that if enough people agree with them (a voting majority) that they have a legal right to then shred the Constitution and violate minority rights.Yes, you can pass illegal, discriminatory laws; but they won’t hold in court challenges (at least they _shouldn’t_–but in trying to hijack the justice system, who knows what the future holds?). Yes, a majority of constituents can pressure an elected politician to support illegal legislation; but do these folks just _not get_ the idea of “equal under the law” and what that means for _every citizen_ of this nation?It reminds me of a couple arguing, and one runs off to ask his/her friends, “What do _you_ think? Was he/she out of line?” As if getting enough people to agree makes them “right.” Only being able to feel “secure” about your ideas by having other people agree is a blatant exhibition of horrid insecurities. It’s no wonder fundies go nuts when an atheist says, “Sorry, I don’t agree.” I imagine for some of them, not having that unanimous vote of confidence just rattles their foundation.

  7. 7

    Here is the poll link it seems to have not worked. Ray Comfort poll

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