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Mar 24 2007

Your daily dose of “Christian love”

Possummomma gets some fan mail! Enjoy!

Mar 23 2007

Going rate for babies in Texas: $500!

You don’t see too many — well, I can’t think of any so far — posts about the ongoing abortion/choice wars here. Mainly, I see that as more of a political issue than an atheist issue, though it’s true that most anti-abortion agitators are right-wing Christians, and many atheists tend to be liberals who come …

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Mar 23 2007

Left Behind: Eternal Forces gets left behind in the clearance bin

John Romero can sleep more easily now. Romero’s infamous Daikatana is no longer the most notorious flop in video game history. That dubious honor now belongs to Left Behind: Eternal Forces. (See our first post about it here.) Universally panned by the gaming community for its laughable bugginess and spyware, and boycotted by its Christian …

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Mar 18 2007

Atheist Experience #489: Darwin, Hitler, & Martin Luther

Today’s post about Matt in the paper reminded me I haven’t kept up posting videos of the show as I’d been promising. Here’s the most recent one posted to Google, episode #489 from February 25. Don Baker talks about Martin Luther’s influence on the Nazis and answers evolution deniers’ claims that Hitler’s anti-Semitism was inspired …

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Mar 18 2007

Now he’s going to be a total diva

As he’s entirely too modest to tell you so himself, I’m happy to announce our own Matt Dillahunty got profiled in the local paper, which is probably the most publicity the Atheist Experience TV show has gotten in its entire 10-year history. (You’re going to be intercepted by “Register now!” crap when you click the …

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Mar 17 2007

A bizarre twist on homophobia

I gotta admit, as much as all atheists are routinely bullied by the religious, still, nobody gets the abuse as badly as gays. And as some of the kindest and most good-hearted people I’ve known in my life have been either gay or lesbian (much moreso than any Christian I’ve ever known), I’m as offended …

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Mar 16 2007


Early today I accidentally posted a story about my son that was completely irrelevant to the Atheist Experience. Although 5 people left comments, this was really intended for my son’s blog and not this one. Sorry for the confusion, but I deleted the post.

Mar 15 2007

Stop the evil godless Congress!

On Monday, the Secular Coalition announced that Rep. Pete Stark (D. Calif.) is, according to their research, the first open nontheist in the history of Congress. This announcement came as the result of a the Secular Coalition’s “Find an Atheist, Humanist, Freethinker Elected Official” contest. Wasting very little time, the Christian Seniors Association(a division of …

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Mar 14 2007

More on ol’ Dan: When hubris becomes delusion

Dan’s latest expression of his martyr mantra included this pitiful little aside, which I found comical enough to comment upon. Martin is a bitter man but I still love him enough to say “Stop, you will get burned” (because I was burned myself and I know the outcome). I have been called an a-hole and …

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Mar 13 2007

The dishonesty and dementia of Dan Marvin: Part 2

And to think that for a brief moment I was actually inclined to feel sorry for Dan Marvin. After all, he turns up here, offers a host of increasingly absurd and ignorant non-arguments, and is refuted every time. Rather than evaluate his arguments in the light of the refutations he’s gotten, and attempt honest rebuttals, …

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