Atheist Experience #489: Darwin, Hitler, & Martin Luther

Today’s post about Matt in the paper reminded me I haven’t kept up posting videos of the show as I’d been promising. Here’s the most recent one posted to Google, episode #489 from February 25. Don Baker talks about Martin Luther’s influence on the Nazis and answers evolution deniers’ claims that Hitler’s anti-Semitism was inspired by Darwin. Airing of this show cut off early.


  1. says

    Is #490 going to be posted any time soon? Since it was about raising my kids, I really wanted to show it to my parents, and I’ve been waiting on that for quite a while now.

  2. Martin says

    Ask Don Baker. Either he or Steve Elliott (I think) are the guys ripping the eps and posting them to Google.

  3. Anonymous says

    What amazes me is the patience you guys have for the christian callers that continually spew the same crap up time and again.