More on ol’ Dan: When hubris becomes delusion

Dan’s latest expression of his martyr mantra included this pitiful little aside, which I found comical enough to comment upon.

Martin is a bitter man but I still love him enough to say “Stop, you will get burned” (because I was burned myself and I know the outcome). I have been called an a-hole and a Jesus freak and all sorts of profane things even here but that never stopped me from getting the word out. This group here is counter productive and hate filled and that is just fine with me, I understand it isn’t a pretty picture to those on the other side.

Dan lives in his own little world, where messages are allowed to go out but none are allowed to come in. He says as much here. He broadcasts but does not receive. When he snivels that he has been called nasty names by people he’s approached, he doesn’t take that as a sign he’s doing a bad job of witnessing for his lord, but that he’s doing a great job. In his skewed way of looking at reality, being a deliverer of the word who constantly fails and antagonizes the very people he’s trying to reach is, paradoxically, a sign of success, because to him, success as a witness is not in how many souls you save, but in how much “persecution” you endure while doing it.

I suspect Dan puts a lot of stock in John 15:18. The price of dedicating your life to some illusive ideal, to the extent of alienating people with whom you could very easily get along if you were smart, civil, and knew how to hold your own in a discussion of even the most controversial topics, is clearly something that a person of Dan’s pathology is willing to pay. Every time we reply to one of his posts &#151 either with strong rebuttal, direct questions, pointing out inconsistencies, or demanding clarifications — it’s easier and preferable to him to think he’s simply dealing with a bunch of angry haters. It lets him feel closer to his bleeding Jesus on the cross. Which kind of indicates that, for all his talk of God and love and messages, it’s all about him in the end, isn’t it?