1. Prup (aka Jim Benton) says

    I’m not going to read PZ’s article until I finish my own — since going off on this tangent took time from other pieces I was in the middle of, I should get something out of it, and I may not get a chance to view the thing until Tuesday. But I wish more skeptics had looked at the website for the doc. It is authentically — if inadvertently — hilarious.I will mention only one example, admittedly the best. They argue that a ‘child-sized’ ossuary labeled “Jude son of Jesus” implies thst this putative son might have grown up to be the ‘Beloved Disciple’ and even that this Jude might really have been Thomas, which means ‘twin’ and therefore could have been ‘code’ for the son that the Romans might have been wanting to slaughter to destroy the ‘holy bloodline.’Well, not exactly. The only conclusion we can draw from a ‘child-sized’ ossuary is that the child DIDN’T grow up.