Evolution is a Jewish conspiracy to take over the world!!!

Oh, well that explains why there aren’t more Jewish creationists:

The second most powerful member of the Texas House has circulated a Georgia lawmaker’s call for a broad assault on teaching of evolution.

Mr. Bridges’ memo claims that teaching evolution amounts to indoctrinating students in an ancient Jewish sect’s beliefs.

“Indisputable evidence – long hidden but now available to everyone – demonstrates conclusively that so-called ‘secular evolution science’ is the Big Bang, 15-billion-year, alternate ‘creation scenario’ of the Pharisee Religion,” writes Mr. Bridges, a Republican from Cleveland, Ga. He has argued against teaching of evolution in Georgia schools for several years.

Seriously, folks. Christianity has always seemed to harbor quite a bit of anti-semitism, but most of them today at least make a good show of solidarity with the rival religion, using terms like “Judeo-Christian values” and such.

Only in Texas. And Georgia.

The article has plenty more good stuff, including the requisite delusional rant about Jews controlling Hollywood and the media.

I think this is the bill, if you’re enough of a glutton for punishment to want to read it.


  1. Martin says

    The Fixed Earth site is run by people who still think — as the dumber denizens of the Middle Ages did — that the Earth is a fixed point around which the rest of the entire universe, the “Firmament”, revolves. There’s not even a word for how stupid someone in the 21st century would have to be to hold such a view. It’s even more depressing to think we have lawmakers in our country this intellectually bereft.

  2. says

    I guess this must mean that the vast majority of biologists are Jews! I never realized that before, I wonder why that would be!? :)