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Jan 05 2007

They’re dropping like flies in Colorado

First Ted Haggard and Paul Barnes with their clandestine gay trysts, and now Donald Armstrong, rector of the Grace and St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, is in the hot seat for “possible misuse of church funds.” Without any specifics being revealed, the imagination, of course, runs wild.

Jan 02 2007

For your enjoyment: Ring in 2007 with some Pat Robert-fun!

The nefarious Pat Robertson continues to inhale air and exhale laughing gas. His latest act of saying something outrageous to get headlines and attention is this little gem: he thinks jillions of us are going to be kilt by terrorists this year, and Da Big G gave him the lowdown himself! “The Lord didn’t say …

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Jan 01 2007

Happy New Year, everybody

Because the whole world could use one.

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