Haggard fesses up to meth and massage

The latest update in this ongoing sordid tale has Ted Haggard confessing to purchasing meth, as well as getting a massage, from Mike Jones, the gay gigolo he has been accused of paying for sledge trips down Brokeback Mountain. Haggard says that he then threw the drugs away, which has the ring of a Clintonian “But I didn’t inhale!” comment.

Even if most of this turns out to be bogus, it looks like Haggard’s damaged goods. Expect to see Bush and other religious right leaders start distancing themselves.


  1. Anonymous says

    “Bareback Mountain 2; The Ted Haggard Chronicles”. Watch your favorite fundie preacher Ted Haggard round up a few young bulls and show you how to really ride them like a rodeo pro. Yeeehaahh!!