American Family Association voter info guide for atheists

Those helpful bigots over at Donald Wildmon’s American Family Association have helpfully produced a guide for atheist voters in Texas, so that we’ll know for whom not to vote. How thoughtful of them. Of course, I think their purpose was to provide their own brand of “values” voters — and not us horrible evilution-loving, gay-marriage-approving heathens — with a list of approved candidates. But since we all know their “values” include hate, theocracy, ignorance and prejudice, the guide works just as well for us. Be sure to forward the PDF to everyone you know in Texas’s reality-based community, so that we can express our values at the polls, too.


  1. Tracie Harris says

    I voted, and “secular America” was definitely one of my agendas–especially with regard to the judicial races.

  2. says

    to think that someone enslaved to infinite regress by their world view would do anything but have a conscience to vote by, that is why they gave the atheist a voting guide.