Comments Policy

Comments are routinely moderated. I try to filter out the chaff and curate constructive discussion. Snark strongly encouraged.

There is a line, however.

  • Hate speech and/or discriminatory slurs, including cloaking such in the guise of “legitimate inquiry.”
  • Making a Point Refuted A Thousand Times.
  • Making a point refuted in the post you just opened.
  • You’ve been an arsehole elsewhere on this network.
  • You ping my trolldar.
  • You’re cis and talking over trans participants concerning trans-related issues.
  • You’re fractally wrong and I can’t be arsed to try and uproot your absurd reasoning, nor subject someone else to it.
  • Emotions are raised in the topic and I’m enforcing a delay to make people sleep on it.
  • My personal discretion otherwise.

I usually scan comments quite often, so your first comment will likely be checked within a few hours at most unless I am asleep.

Side note: Whether or not I engage in constructive or reasonable criticism is largely a matter of “depends.” Factual corrections, especially if sourced, are usually quickly adopted–but a counter-argument that appears reasonable might make it through the filter without necessarily getting a direct answer from me, depending on how much time I have or if my spoons are invested elsewhere.