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Dec 27 2011

The Dark Side

Assassin Actual gets snagged by another MMO. Well crap, After a long unrequited love affair with World of Warcraft I thought I was done with Massive Multiplayer games. But Star Wars: The Old Republic has snagged me with a force grip choke-hold. So until my upcoming stint at the National Training Center, an unhealthy chunk …

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Dec 05 2011

Monday Motivator


It’s not that you fight. But how.

Nov 08 2011



Teen gets best date for any homecoming, ever. Both of the people in this story are utterly badass. Parker McDonald is now the coolest kid in Colorado, because he had the confidence, the amazing nerve, to ask Olympic Skier Lindsey Vonn to be his date to his homecoming dance and she said yes.

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Nov 06 2011

P.M.C. Blackwater Has a Game

You too can pretend to be a pretend Soldier with no respect for the Laws of War. Blackwater. The name brings out mixed feelings within the military. Some love the high paying career field as a professional mercenary, I mean “contractor.” But a lot of us hate them with a passion. Not only do contractors …

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Nov 03 2011

Thanks Technology


Texas buys military grade UAVs for police use. I have a love hate relationship with UAVs. They are an amazing tool in the hands of the military, particularly when employed against forces that lack sophisticated knowledge of high end electronics and programming. But even enemy forces in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere have made strides in …

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Nov 02 2011

Anonymous Stumbles Over Operation Cartel

Los Zetas’ own hackers cause elements to cancel attack over real world consequences. Some members of the amorphous, leaderless, group of hackers known the world over as Anonymous have urged the greater collective to cease their activities on the Los Zetas drug cartel after the real world effects of messing with the notoriously cruel and …

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Nov 01 2011

Anonymous Takes On Mexican Cartels and Takes Down Pedophiles

mmm cake

We are Legion. One of the trickier places to hide on the internets is the Tor network, a volunteer run distributed network that allows users to bypass some measures of internet censorship and monitoring. But it has never been as clever as its users hoped. Traffic going into and out of the network can be …

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Oct 30 2011

Investigation Under Way in Scott Olsen Shooting

Internal Affairs in the hizzle The City of Oakland has started a Tier 1 investigation into the shooting of Iraqi War Vet Scott Olsen, who has now be upgraded to stable condition and will soon undergo brain surgery, reportedly to reduce the effects of swelling on his brain. Scott is now conscious and able to …

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Oct 28 2011

Scott Olsen Made It Through Two Tours and Gets Shot By American Cops

Because the natural reaction of getting pelted with paint is to shoot someone in the face I have previously blogged about the dangers inherent in less than lethal munitions (read rubber bullets). Shooting someone is the head with one is as good as using real bullets when it comes to killing capability. It is one …

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Oct 08 2011

U.S. Drone Fleet Infected

Somewhere, a foreign intelligence service officer is getting mad props The U.S. Fleet of Predator and Reaper drones are infected with an ingeniously wipe resistant key-logger virus. This is bad news for my team. The best that civilian news sources can figure is that the virus was introduced via removable hard drives at Creech Air …

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